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All articles and commentaries
written by NotSoSnowWhite (aka Lori Roache)

Welcome to the Notso's News MEGA issue.  I'm finally back. It has been a hard couple of months here on the homestead, from a new job, to moving and even a hurricane. I'm back on my game now, though, so why don't you come on in, put your feet up and read the news while you're drinking the bottle of water that you should already be drinking anyway.


February is Healthy Heart Month, so I thought I should include a piece to tell us exactly what it is that we're up against.

Heart disease, also known as the silent killer, has affected many lives.  It is known in the scientific world as one of the greatest causes of death in North America. When a problem with the heart occurs it is usually a result of a  blockage in the heart's arteries that may reduce or completely cut off the blood supply to a portion of the heart. If not found, this can cause a blood clot to form and completely terminate blood flow in the coronary artery causing a heart attack. A vast majority of people have had this problem or know someone who has, so it is a topic that is close to a lot of people. 

Let's take a second to look at the risk factors that may contribute to the development of a heart problem.  Some of the topics include; cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, being over weight and physical inactivity. Cigarette smoking has been called one of the biggest health risks in North America, let alone the effects on the heart.  Those who smoke are two to six times more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who do not.  There is simply no safe way to smoke. It is interesting to note that although low- tar cigarettes may reduce the possibility of 

developing lung cancer, they do not lessen the risk of heart disease.  High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is another major risk factor. Blood pressure is the amount of force exerted by the blood against the wall of the arteries, but because blood pressure is sometimes not a risk that exhibits a lot of symptoms, it is important to see your doctor and get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis. The last risk, being overweight and physically inactivity, is perhaps one of the biggest factors that an individual can directly control.  It is also known that reducing these risk may help control the other risks that are stated above.  Eating healthier and developing an exercise plan is ideally the path to follow. 

Now that we have discussed the risk factors, it is possible to learn more above what we can do to prevent heart disease. The basics are: get plenty of exercise, maintain a balanced diet and do not put drugs or other such substances in your body.  Here are some ideas to help with maintaining a balanced diet.  It is known that total fat intake should be less than thirty percent of total caloric intake daily. That includes saturated, poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.  Eating fiber from fruits and vegetables will also lower your chances of getting heart disease. A good way to keep both fat and fiber in moderation is to make it a habit to read the labels of the food you buy.  All food 

companies are now required to provide you with a complete listing of fat, calories and other nutritional information on their packages. Look for such words as total fat, sodium, etc. Once you know the contents of your food, you can prepare your daily dietary plan accordingly.

Would you know if you were having a heart attack? It is common for people to dismiss heart attack symptoms.  The Heart Association and other medical experts say the body will likely send one or more warnings to let you know that you are having a heart attack. Here are a few.
Uncomfortable pressure, fullness or pain in the center of the chest, lasting more than a few minutes.
Pain spreading to the shoulders, neck or back. It often feels like pressure, tightness, burning or a heavy weight.
Anxiety, nervousness and/or cold, sweaty skin.
Increased or irregular heart rate
Feeling of impending doom.
Heart disease has affected so many lives, knowing what to do to prevent it may be the key to survival. Enjoy life, but understand that if you abuse it consequences may result. Your body is a machine, it is your responsibility to keep it oiled and in good repair. Adopt a healthier lifestyle and make sure that you learn as much as you can about what your body needs.  Don't let heart disease ruin your life.



One of the biggest ways to facilitate and maintain weight loss is to exercise. In a recent poll only 25% of men and women, approximately, actually engage in some type of exercise. It is important, before you start an exercise plan, to identify what motivates you. For some its disease prevention and the desire to live longer. For others it is wanting to fit into more a more regular size of clothing. No matter what the reason is, you will not maintain weight loss control without the loving help of exercise. I know, you don't wanna. It is too hard, too boring. Well let me give you some ideas on how to keep moving on.

1. BE CREATIVE - Thinking of new and exciting ways to exercise will keep you motivated to continue, rather than just doing the same old routine day after day.

2. JOIN A HEALTH CLUB - Find one that is convenient and comfortable for you. This will make it more likely that you will stick to it. When you join a club, make sure you get someone to show you how to properly use the equipment. To stay motivated, find a buddy who is willing to suffer... I mean exercise... with you. Teeheehee.

GOALS ARE MEASURABLE - A vague goal, such as I want to be fit,' gives you nothing to shoot for. Decide when and what you are going to do. Say instead, I want to lose 4% of my body fat by dec 5.' That way you will have a quantifiable way of knowing if you are succeeding.

4.BE REALISTIC  - Make sure your goals are attainable. If you set your expectations too high, you will get frustrated and quit. Make it a challenge not an impossible recipe for destruction.

5.MAKE IT A PARTY - This item goes hand in hand with number one. You can do this by adding variety of faces to your exercise routine. Shake it up, try new things. You will learn what you like by doing this. Never give up. Trying to include family members and friends makes it a lot more exciting and much more motivating.

6. REWARD YOURSELF - There is no better way to sustain your want to get fit than instant gratification. Treat yourself, maybe a new skirt or pants, or maybe a trip somewhere. Make it interesting. It is a big accomplishment to lose weight, reward yourself.

7 SCHEDULED WORKOUTS - If you always exercise on the same day, time etc, your routine will become a fixture in your life.
It becomes a habit, a good habit. Make sure to still try new things and have fun but when you know that you like a new exercise fit it into your schedule.

8.SKIP A DAY - Exercising obsession is as bad as none at all because its physically and mentally counter productive. Allowing your muscles to rest and rejuvenate is a crucial part of becoming healthy. This also prevents burnout and loss of interest. So listen to your body and if you are having an off day, take it easy and rest. Just make sure that your off days don't outnumber your on days.

In conclusion, a mere 25% of people who are willing to exercise simply isn't good enough. We all have to work together to encourage ourselves, but just as importantly, to encourage the others around us. Lets get those percentages up. Remember, though, that it is important to contact your doctor before starting any new exercise plan. He/she may also be able to help you set goals that you could reasonably attain with regular exercise. Not enough of us exercise. Our countries are becoming increasingly obese. Lets stop it now, give your body what it needs. EXERCISE.


Dieter's Prayer #4
Give me strength, O Lord I pray -
Help me make it through this day.
Deliver me from snacks and sweets.
Keep my mind off high-cal treats.
Tempt me not with French cuisines.
Bid me flee soft drink machines.
Turn my eyes from ice-cream bars.
Stay my hand from cookie jars.
Till I'm back in shape again,
Hang in there with me! - Amen! 
 Thank you Connie
 (Dieters get together)

Too many numbers try to define me.
I have an age, a height, an IQ.
A number from Social Security,
From the bank,
From everyone I owe.
Numbers are squiggles on paper.
I wiggle and giggle 
And sometimes even jiggle,
But I am not a squiggle.
I am not defined by a number,
No matter how many digits
Or where it comes from
Or where I see it.
No number controls me,
Defines me,
Forces me beyond me.
I am not a weight;
I am not a number.
 Thanks to Blanche
 (from 50+)


The wind howled, the rain poured. On one unforgettable night, our world changed forever. Hurricane Juan is a name that has been burned into the memory of every Maritimer. It's fury was mighty, it's time not long, but one thing is for certain -- we will never forget. 

The comforts we once possessed seemed to wither with every flash of lightening. In only a couple of hours, our home once thought secure became an apartment in shambles. The bedroom that my best friend was sleeping in so peacefully

only ten minutes earlier now was filled with shards of glass and insulation that had come in from the darkness.  The roof from the apartment building adjacent to ours was ripped from its foundation and came hurtling through my friends window.

The fear we felt that night was unmeasurable. We had first speculated that it was the baby's ( my niece's) room window that had blown in. Her safety above anything else was our first concern. The four of us huddled in fear on the couch, until the destruction of the window, when we decided to seek safer surroundings elsewhere.

Our neighbors were wonderful and supportive and they allowed us to comfort the baby and ourselves in safety.

As the sun rose early the next morning, the devastation that Juan had left behind was unmistakable. Trees and insulation covered the ground. Destruction was visible as far as the eye could see. The beauty of the day was also strangely haunting and eery. The sun shone with such brilliance that only the obvious aftermath belied the thought that the fury of the night might never have occurred at all.



Born in Philadelphia, Pa, Blanche is the oldest of seven children. She now resides in Kentucky but her heart will always be in Philly. She is 42 years old and feeling younger everyday. Blanche worked at many jobs in her life, some of which include working at an insurance company, an advertisement agency and an elementary school. Blanche is known to have a great sense of creativity, and with her dad a musician and her mother a painter, it is easy to see the influences of her family. She used this creativeness all through her life. Displaying it in such forms as drama and singing. Now she likes to express herself  in the field of desk top publishing.

This self proclaimed funny girl has many goals in life, one of which is to try skydiving.  The maximum weight for skydiving is 200lb so she also took that as her goal. She is now even using weights to help her strength training. Maintaining healthy eating is the other way that she hopes to lose weight.

Others consider her a wonderful and supportive friend who is always there when you need her.  She is knowledgeable and wise and is willing to help others whenever needed. She has even developed a program within our 50+ group called EXERCISE BUDS, which allows you to exercise simultaneously with other 50+ers via message managers, etc. She says that  

if she could be anywhere else she would come to Nova Scotia, Canada. (well you can come visit me, that is where I live.)  She is a valued member of our group and for this and much much more, Blanche please stand up and take a bow, your are the Notso's News ( mega issue) 50+ spotlight.

Dieters get together
Sue, who was adopted at birth, lives in Allentown, PA. She married the love of her life, Gary, on July 12/1969 and now has two children, Beth Ann and Jason. She also has two bats ( teehee, I couldn't help myself) I mean cats. One named Abby and the other one Patches.  She is also the delighted grandmother of Byron.

Sue's weight struggles started through her pregnancies and the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her bipolar is something that she has to deal with on a daily basis,  but thanks to a wonderful doctor who prescribed the correct medication for her, she is feeling so much better all the time. Her weight loss plan includes controlling her caloric intake. She is even participating in our group's summer blast off in which the goal is to lose 25 pounds before summer. 

Sue is the owner and fearless leader of Dieter's Get Together and is a founding member of many other groups as well.  It is through her kindness and support that the group flourishes.  She takes great pride in the group and the members in it.  She is so informative and willing to help you at the drop of a hat.  Her friendship is priceless.  Member's have said, "You
are one of the most giving people I have ever met. You are always there to answer prayers for help and if you don't know the answer off the top of your head, you do your best to find an answer..." So for this and 

tons more, Sue you are Notso's News    ( mega issue) Dieter's Get Together spotlight

 EDITORIAL RANT  - The Bottom Line

Is every person who shops in plus size stores six feet tall? NO, then why are all plus size clothes made for people who would have to be that tall to fit into them. I hate the fact that once I find clothes that fit me everywhere else, I am standing on two feet of extra fabric. A girl just might have to wear stilts. Manufacturers of plus size clothes must think that bigger clothes should be cut with height proportionate to waist size. Way to go, smarty pants, now the clothes don't fit anybody. I would like to note that if MY height was proportionate to my waist, I would be approximately seven foot four (jolly green giant anybody). Since I am only five foot three, this creates a problem. 

People tell me to get it tailored. WELL, that's fine if this kind of clothes was the exception rather than the rule, but since it is the rule rather than the exception, it would be expensive. I am not made of money as my mom would always say. Besides, why should I have to get my clothes tailored anyway. The manufacturers/retailers have already jacked up the price to rub in my face that my clothes took SOOOOO much extra fabric to make, so why should I then have to receive injury on top of insult and shell out yet further money to fix the problem that they created. It's ludicrous, I tell you, simply ludicrous. And that's the bottom line, cause NotSo said so.


So! What do you think. Please drop me a line and let me know. My email address is:

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