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Most who work on the canal are not slaves," said Uchafu. "Many are debtors or criminals. Many are simply common men, impressed into service, victims of work levies imposed on the villages.

Seven Bluetooth imposed upon Ivar Forkbeard an almost impossible feat for him to accomplish in order for Forkbeard to regain his honor and remove the outlaw name placed to him.

This whole wording below from the book Players of Gor shows a lot of imposing Going on. Both from a past rumor of two centuries ago on Gor. The character Clearchus imposed taxes and in time, other Gorean mercenaries dethroned him, thereby imposing their own wants, wills and desire upon him.

As rumor has it, Clearchus was a famous brigand of some two centuries ago who decided to legitimize and regularize his brigandage. He proclaimed his area of operations a ubarate, proclaimed himself its ubar, and then proceeded to impose taxes and levy tolls. Interestingly enough, in time, several cities accorded this ubarate diplomatic recognition, generally in return for concessions on the taxes and tolls. Finally, a large force of mercenaries, in the hire of the merchant caste, in a campaign that lasted several months, put an end to the spurious reign of Clearchus, driving him from the forest and scattering his men.

Most imposing was directed towards criminals, outlaws, captured ubaras and slaves, but to say Gorean Men didn't impose there wills upon others is not correct. The priest Kings imposed many things upon Goreans as did the kur from time to time.


               Imposing things, especially of Gorean cultural ways, morals and virtues is as Gorean as apple pie is to Americans. When talking about a chat site where it's members scream; "its only role-play here" and of which shows on it's opening page to be a psudo Gor, it should be preety simple to figure out that much imposing will be going on. Make no mistake about that again. You demean Gorean things by doing so. You show a total lack of knowledge of Gor when you do so. Read the books and you will see many characters imposing things on other Gorean Characters. You will see one Gorean Man making a slave of another Man, thereby imposing on that male slave to be more of a Man. If Gor was a real place and you walked into any Gorean city, you are held to that cities ways. The Goreans of that city would indeed impose on you to abide by their ways. If Gor was a real place and You pissed with the home stone of a Goreans place they will impose the tip of a blade to your throat thereby imposing death upon your person. Gorean Men imposed thier wants and ways on and over all females as well. It is total bullshit to say such a un-Gorean like thing, as "Gor is Not About Men Imposing". They impose on anything and everything in all kinds of ways.

          Nothing said or in this case typed, goes without judgment either. No action taken or not taken that should have been, is without judgment no matter what culture you abide to. Indeed Gor is every bit about imposing certain things on others. It is by the sword of the Gorean that imposes such things. Those who think not need educated. Those that do not accept it, is not of Gorean mind. It is that simple.

          It is by the sword that cites were taken and it is by the sword that Gorean moral, virtue and cultural ways are upheld. The Gorean sword online are the words placed out by Gorean type people, not by words of liberal latitudinarians.

     The real world culture teaches that we are all equal. The Gorean culture teaches that we are not all equal. Be like me, and then you will be my equal. This causes a segregation of people into what is seen most often online as well as in the books and as well in rl.

     It is a Goreans duty to judge those who insist on demeaning Gorean virtue, morality, code and cultural ways. It is a Goreans duty to uphold a stringent regiment of order and control of his world and those within his world if need be. Goreans after all are custodians of their world. They will do what it takes to maintain their ways. When he/she falters in that endeavor, he/she will be found wanting by other Goreans.

     In a real world sense of things, it is the duty of every human being that lives in the places where freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is to be maintained. This meaning, that if someone does something wrong against the law, cultural ways of your particular part of the world, morals and or virtues, it is your duty as a citizen to right the wrong. Citizens are the ones that decide these issues. The citizens first and foremost supposedly, and from that, the laws, moral and virtuous acceptable things are put in place.

     The differences though, between the two ways or Gor and this world are immense in some areas. Nevertheless, in the area of righting a wrong, both cultures are the same. Just different methods are used. So yes, in this case, there is an equal of the two worlds. There is a likeness.

     As I told you before below Hersius, you have been found wanting. Not by a latitudinarian, but by another group of Men. Gorean like Men to be exact.

     What makes me a Gorean type Man? Well it is not because I own a slave or slaves. It's not because I am a liberal latitudinarian. But it is because I have chosen a position and I have never swayed from that position right or wrong in other people's views or opinion. All my ways for both rl and online are the same. I do not play the games others play. But the main point is that I am steadfast in my convictions and passionate about those convictions. I uphold Gorean duty to judge those who insist on demeaning Gorean virtue, morality, code and cultural ways. My convictions come from 25 % of my years of learning and training myself to Gorean things. Am I always right? No, nor have I ever claimed to be. Have I and do I make mistakes? Of course I do. Do I try to tell another how to live? No, but I will tell them my thoughts and views on things and allow them to decide how to live. If they chose to live under Gorean ways and show by example that they can, then I view them as Gorean. If not. I don't. Again simple.

     You on the other hand are known to be a butternut and have been known to have been unfair and wishy washy in a few things. You have shown that you have not picked a side. No one asks that you bend to your knees and be made slave. What is asked is that you be a stand up Man, admit your wrongdoing, and move on. There is no shame in being wrong or admitting it.

     You broke soi rule. To which under the heading Part 2 - SOI Rules of Conduct, rule number 2 specifically which states: "SOI is not to be used for business/commercial purposes, whether for profit or non-profit. Advertising at SOI, through posting on corkboard or chat rooms is prohibited. Using our 'people' list as a source for mailings is also prohibited."

     You consistently advertise for another site, either by word or by link. The shame lies in a fact that you cannot or will not admit it, but it is seen.

     Yes, I too admit that you have indeed helped others. That is not in question. Your loyalty to this site is in question. Your loyalty to the Gorean way of things is in question and your loyalty to uphold code/soi rule is in question. Finally, your knowledge and understanding of Gor I now find in question.

     You would tell a slave I suspect that two Men cannot own her. However, indeed, she can serve the needs of two Men if her owner allows her to, but one Man can only own her. This does not apply to you on that same note. You cannot serve two places when you hold such a prestigious position as you do. In a way, you are indeed owned here. Your friends and your enemies own you. You are owned by honor and respect to all members of this site, like them or not, to be loyal to this site and its rules and ways that are set forth both by hyperchat.com and by your peers here in this site.

     Forget the rules of soi for a second. Be of Gorean mind. You do not have the luxury in my opinion to play act Gorean while here as others do. Not if it is, the intention to have this place to be maintained as Gorean or Gor like. Your mind set must maintain a Gorean set of thoughts. Otherwise, it then warrants the question of why are you here having accepted such a position as you have, if you can't or don't want to have Gorean thought and ways?

     It is a crock of bosk dung to sit and think; "this is just a chat site and no one is really Gorean". The point is that whether of not this is a chat site in the real world, or if there is or is not real Goreans here, is irrelevant at this moment. It is a specifically themed chat site and it behooves whomever that sits in your position to be a leader by Gorean example, to maintain it as best as can be to that level. You have failed somewhat in that endeavor. You have failed not totally of your own doing however, but because of liberal latitudinarians rules you have to maintain while here. However, I suggest that even under such liberal latitudinarian rule, you can still do things to help maintain this site to be Gorean. You can lead by example and admittedly, I have witnessed that of you in some cases while I was here. What this site is at this moment is a mess. It has always been a mess because so many cop out by using such sayings as "it's my dime my time", "I only come here to role-play, it's not real to me", "this world is a free world and I can do as I will" and so on. All of which are cop-outs to being responsible for their bad behavior and action.

     Do not sit there and tell everyone what you cannot do, but rather tell all what you can and will do in order to be the Governor and maintain this site as Gorean as can be. Do not sit there and tell us you have the same right to help build another site and spend your time where you will, but rather let all know what you do and how you can continue to help here. I am sure there are many that do not know what you do here. We all know you have helped other people. Hell, I have too, but my loyalty is unquestioned because I do not split it as you do. Pick a side. Some of your choices are,

     1.) Choose to be liberal latitudinarian and only follow the rules set forth by seph and leave Gorean thought and ways out of it.

     2.) try to find a balance between the Gorean way of things and the liberal latitudinarian soi rules and maintain that level without indecisive decision making or creating double standards because someone is your friend or because you have a personal like or dislike for someone. You have been guilty of doing this.

     You are the police force (or equivalent) here Hersius, like it or not. It is your duty. You do not have the luxury of picking if it is or not anymore. You were elected and you accepted the position to uphold soi rule and maintain the site rooms. Part of your job as well is to take burden off seph. That is why there is a position of Governor.

     There is the question in addition, as to how you are to do that!

     For instance;

     Seph in the past, has let it be known that her perception and or definition of that rule is; that if people complain about a posting of a link (it doesn't have to be a third of the population, but rather just a few that do), she will enforce this rule by removing the post and then inform the person if she can, as to why she removed it. In truth and fact, she has enforced this rule many times. She has made it perfectly clear, that it is the way she wants to define this rule and not anyone else's. Although too, many of us have experienced her showing favoritism when it suits her towards her liked acquaintances. Especially to females of a Gorean site after a Gorean type Man ruffled a females feathers. That is sephs way. She is allowed liberal latitudinarian ways. She does not claim anything of Gor. In fact, she does not want to even try to understand any of it.

     You however do claim such.

     So the question is, are you to define this rule as seph does and uphold it as she does, or are you to do it your own way? When some people complain that you have broken this rule by the definition of seph, are you omitted from it just because you are the governor?

     In some peoples opinion you are not omitted and that you must uphold the rules as seph does.

     In other peoples opinion you are omitted.

     It goes deeper then this however.

     As stated, this is a Gorean themed site too and it is of my and others opinion that it not only falls on others to maintain Gorean things in a Gorean site, but yours more so, because of your position if for no other reason. Your example of late only shows that you are of weak Gorean mindset if of Gorean mindset at all. Yes, you placed here big fancy words and a well put together set of words at that, but they are not near about much of Gorean anything. Goreans do impose their ways on others and often. Your words are just words used in an attempt to cover your wrongdoing.

     It is of my opinion, and as facts point out in previous threads within this chat site, that the opinions of many others are along the same lines as mine. Which are

     1.) you have shown some people favoritism while not doing the same for others
IE: Let some people's links and posts stand which were against soi rule while you have deleted others.

     2.) You have blatantly broken that same soi rule yourself as mentioned. You have even in the post below labeled "Reminding the populas..." have let a post stand within that thread that is advertising by link of another place.

     3.) You have split your loyalty and the proof is in the other site as well as within this one.

     Fancy words here in this thread or not. As I said before, you have been found in ere and are found wanting. Not just by me, but by many others also. Not just by what I type here, but also are in ere in the opinions and views of others in the things and ways you are and do.

     Your popularity does not make you right. Your liberal latitudinarian followers do not make you right either. Not when the talk is of Gorean ways of things.

     You have not followed code. In this case, the soi code/rules.

     You have been judged rightly and judged justly.

     It is by Gorean mindset peers that have done so. It is by Gorean mindset bladed and sharpened words that have done so. Your rendition here and in other threads of what is Gorean, is lacking. We can argue about that later, but for now, the issue is of wrongdoing in this soi site under soi rule.

     I have no personal like or dislike of you Hersius because I do not know you personally. This is about Gorean matters of following code and such. This is about upholding soi rules either by your own way or by sephs way.

     In my opinion and point of view, the answer here is of a simple choice to make.

     You either allow everyone to advertise here and stifle those that complain to you in your mail or here in this cork about it. Thereby you will be going against the way seph has done things.


     You allow no one, including yourself to advertise by word or link and stifle those who complain to you about it. Thereby you have chosen sephs way.

     Indeed, you can choose to continue as you have by showing favor to those you want and stifle those you do not. Thereby showing a double standard, which in no way is Gorean? Goreans make hard decisive choices and stand by them. You have not.

     Know now that if you continue with your double standard ways, you will be viewed as either not Gorean or not Man enough to chose a side and abide and defend your choice. The way some of us see it right now, is that you are attempting to walk a middle of the road way. No big deal to a liberal latitudinarian, but it is to a Gorean type Man.


     Yes, I am very much aware that there are many loopholes here that monkeys can jump through to make themselves look better. Save your idiocy for another time and for someone who gives a shit about your liberal latitudinarian thought.