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[Property - Locke ]
[ Restricted ]
| inlet of Iron Walls | GRP |

Name: saharah
Sex: Female
Eye Colour: Soft Lavander
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'
Weight: 117 lbs

- a soft cloak of black trimmed with crimson fur
- a pack with trinkets and a pouch of coin from my father
- a trunk with clothing on its way to the fair by wagon and sea from my family

- a belled anklet with soft pink stones between the links of gold
- a small handful of sandstones
- my pure love for my Owner

I was all the product of a lovely Swedish barbarian and the Pasha of the Oasis of Two Scimitars...I was born free but then I realized that it wasn’t my role in life ... its not what I wanted. I ran from home. I am a Tracker by birth. My knowledge of paws and hooves and feet are something of a talent. I know what is wrong with a person if they step is not full on... ... in my pocket of my cloak... I have papers stating who I am. I was. 'Saharah Al Khiah .... Taharian Princess of the Oasis of Two Scimitars .. I was born on a sultry night out of love between a man and His slave… his freed slave… I was trained in many things.. tracking… and being a scribe… I was taught early in life that knowledge was the key to staying out of trouble …now… I have found my own way… my own truth of what I am and will forever be… for… my heart my soul.. and my life belong to Him.. happily…. Forever His saharah