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My Insanity Keeps Me Sane

- Trementia Myshka -
.: Artist :.
| Inlet of Iron walls | GRP |

Name: Trementia Myshka
Sex: Female
Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 115 lbs



- Roughly thirteen ((13)) Poison pins
- One box that contains vials of Ost and Kanda poison along with about 30 undipped pins

- Clothing:

- One set of gray robes
- One set of dark brown leathers
- One yellow cloak
- One gray cloak
- Two sets of boots


- One pouch of double weight gold
- And a few pouches of silver and copper bits
- Big pouch of schendi rubies


Trementia is barely 19 yrs of age and has not got a lot of history. She was the Daughter of a Merchant his origin was unknown but her Mother was a She-urt and was killed shortly after giving birth to Trementia. After Trementia Father made his way to twards the north he found that having a small child about was a in convenience for him. So as he traveled through the northern forest to get to Kassu he left her. She was then raised by Panthers and grew up with the Panthers and the Outlaws. She was attacked in her camp along side the crossroads of gor one day were she was fortunate enough to escape with a shattered arm and still free until Devon Maddock came along. He attacked her, captured Trementia and took her back to the Inlet were she now resides. While they’re as a captive she spoke to a FW who pointed out how a home and security was better then living in the roads alone and running form hunters of the flesh so to speak. Trementia discussed these things further with one named Locke who was kind enough to go to bat for her and sponsor her as to remain a Free within the home and not a slave. Thankful to him she now resides within the Inlet were she practises her artwork.