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The Knowledge of The Gods

I am Alpha...I am Omega...I am the Beginning...I am the End...

Congrats, you have been accepted into a group of diverse people with at least one thing in common. Their love of computers. This library is for the sole purpose to inform newbies on some basic, intermediate, and advanced computer knowledge. From programing, to creating codes, this site will give you all you need to make it far in this organization. Before I start naming off what kind of things you can learn from here, I am going to add my warning.

This information is intended for God members who have completed their probatory time, and still were accepted by the group as trustworthy, full of potential, and a strong will. Your IP is recorded and being traced, so if you are not a current God member, and do not wish to wait for something bad to happen to you, I suggest you click here right now.

Now that I got that out of the way, the topics are few for now, but here they are. If anything is unclear, and no matter how many times you check through these primers, come to me with any questions.

Here is a table of DOS commands, some information about each command, and certian difference between different versions of DOS.

Here are basic HTML codes with examples.

You can find the ASCII 255 character chart as well as some information about ASCII to help you further understand its origin.

Computer Config
Here I will just go over a few ways to make sure your computer is running smoothly and how to personalize it to fit your needs.