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Legolas Lane

Weary from traveling you come at last to a fair part of the forest... Mirkwood has not been friendly since you wandered off the old forest road, but at last the forest surrounding you has become beautiful once more... Perhaps to spend the night in the trees will keep you safe from any prowling animals in the forest... But as you begin to climb...

~Not just anyone may climb the trees of mirkwood!~ a fair elf exclaims as you drop down from the tree in surprise... After finding that you are friend not foe, he bows. ~Mae govannen, weary traveler... I am Legolas son of Thranduil... Follow me, I will show you where you can rest...~

A lovely she-elf of the woodland race comes up behind you startling you at her sudden appearance. She is a warrioress dressed in armor. It was strange to behold since Elven women were not usually allowed to war. She was followed by a snow grey charger. In one hand she held a spear bearing a standard while the other rested on the hilt of her sword. Though her comely form was encased in armor she still moved with the fleet silence of her people, which was how she had managed to startle you. ~Mae govannen... Be at peace... I meant not to startle you.~ Legolas bows to her in respect. ~Would you be so good as to guide these weary travelors to my father's realm, Lady Eregwen? I'm afraid I was on urgent business when we crossed paths.~ Eregwen bows as well. ~My word, lord prince. They shall arrive safely to the woodland city.~ Legolas disappears as suddenly as he appeared. The warrioress turns to you. ~I am called Eregwen Taethowen. Follow me and you shall be safe...~