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K a s u k a     H e i k o u

Into the life of a normal college student comes a mysterious midnight visitor...

Heikou was to be my submission for NaNoRenO 2005. However I overran a little (like taking two months on it instead of one >_<

A PC with Macromedia Flash Player installed (preferably version 7).
    Without it the game shouldn't start. The standalone player can be found at this site if the game doesn't work for you.
Windows 9X / XP / 95? / 2000? (? signifies untested)

So here's the game, I hope you enjoy playing it.

Please report any bugs you find, or problems you have on the Lemmasoft forums.

Download Heikou from (~10.5MB)

Heikou and all other content (unless stated otherwise) © Grey 2005