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K a s u k a     H e i k o u

You're spending a few days at a ski resort with fellow students. How will you spend your time? Lounging around or meeting new friends?

Kasuka was first released around Febuary, and I hadn't touched it since then, or had any new ideas for a game.

However a while back I looked at it again and wondered at how I ever released it with those awful character graphics. So I've spent the last week or two redoing all the character art (It's still not very good, but it's better than it was at least), improving the save system (no-one told me moving a save file made that file implayable >_< ) I've also tweaked and added a few bits here and there.

Also I've added some engine features, like options for full screen mode and pretty letter-by-letter text.

Note:How poor is it when you have to use someones elses caption for your own game? Thanks to eclipse for the base of this one.

Also thanks to everyone at the Lemmasoft forums.

No thanks to people hotlinking the file >_> Please link to this page instead if you want to spread the word.

A PC with Macromedia Flash Player installed (preferably version 7).
    Without it the game may do strange things at startup. The standalone player can be found at this site if the game doesn't work.
Windows 9X / XP / 95? / 2000? (? signifies untested)

So here's version 2, I hope you enjoy playing it (Oh, and thanks to a friend for the hosting)

Download the new version of Kasuka (~2.8MB)
Now also available from the Ren'ai Archive, along with some other Freeware Ren'ai games.

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