Silk Merchant




The Silk Merchant of the Merchant District is Hasani Salin.

Although there are other Merchant's in the District that sell silk, none have the very high quality of silk to sell that he does.

Due to that he is most commonly known simply as, 'The Silk Merchant'.

He will only buy and sell silk of the highest quality, nothing less will do,

Of that silk, he sells it both in bolt's and in various articles of clothing, tapestries, bed covering's, and all other thing's one could wish, if they meet his standard of what silk should be used to make.

ALL of what he sells is of the finest craftsmanship.

His prices are very high, and he will not bargain.

He hold's a commission with the Khan and Ubara of Kasra for a wide variety of item's. Something which he take's great pride in, and makes no secret of it.










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