Kasra Merchant District




This is the Merchant District of the Great City of Kasra.

The Merchant District is, almost exclusively, used by Citizen's and Visitor's of High Status, the Bazaar being the primary mercantile area for those of Low Status, though the last does not hold as a Rule, but a matter of individual choice.

The Merchant District has the finest, most highly skilled, Craftsmen, Artisan's and Metal Smith's anywhere in the Tahari.

Anything bought from any Merchant / Shop within the District, are of the very highest quality.

The Merchant District is very heavily guarded by Kasra's City Guard and by occasional roving patrol's of Kasra's Military Infantry. There is a Military Barracks and Armory just outside the Merchant District, should trouble start, any causing it will have no time to escape due to the close proximity of Kasra's Military and the heavy presence of the Kasra City Guard.

Due to this, any attempted raid's in the Merchant District, or any area of it, including the individual shop's, will be declared unsuccessful with ALL participant's of it killed.





Hassad the Weapon Smith


Bahir Umayr's Jeweler's Shop


Aban Lamp Shop


Jahi Muwaffaq's Metal Smith Forge and Shop


Pottery Shop


Rug's Merchant Shop


Silk Merchant


Wine Merchant's Shop





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