Law's of The Great City of Kasra






All Laws apply to anyone entering Kasra as well as it's own Citizen's and Slave's.




Visitors / Guest's will be held to the Law's and Rule's of Kasra just as it's Citizen's are.

2. Kasra is an Independent Home Stone, based on a fusion of the Culture's of the Tahari Desert Tribes and the Wagon People's. Therefore Free Women in Kasra are not required to wear veil's, in Kasra, only ka'jira do. Although a Free Woman may choose to wear Robes of Concealment, they are not required to do so.


3. Kasra is a Gorean HomeStone. As in Gor, in Kasra, Men Rule. That said, as in Gor, Free Women of Kasra have Right's and are not now, nor will they be, expected or demanded to refrain from speaking or disagreeing with a Man. Free Women of Kasra, as in Gor, have an Absolute Right to their own Opinion's, Belief's and to Speak Their Mind. However, Free Women of Kasra Are Required to show due Respect to Men, most especially to High Ranking Men of Kasra.


4. Contradicting a Master shall never be tolerated. Be warned ka'jira, Men rule Gor, as such you are not permitted to contradict or argue with a Man, ever. If you as Slave do not understand something, you are permitted to ask. A piece of advice, think carefully before you ask. If you have any doubt that your question might offend a master, ask permission to whisper to him. Again, if you have even the slightest doubt about whether your question might offend him, phrase your question carefully, for if you do offend him, you may suddenly find yourself wearing a ko'lar, feeling the lash of the whip.


5. Non-Gorean Room's are just that, Non-Gorean, Gor Rule's, Law's and Culture do not apply.


6. It is well known to the Khan and all of Kasra that some members of other Home Stone's feel that they have the right to enter a persons Home and criticize, debate or comment upon the Laws, Customs, Manner of Dress or Speech, and just about anything else that they do not approve of. As we of Kasra do not go to your Home's and do this, you will not do so in ours.


7. Kasra allows no 'switchers' within it's walls. You are either Master, Free Woman, Panther, Kurii or slave. Choose one and one alone. Unless ko'lared or freed you will remain that. Be sure of who and what you are in Gor, once you have been accepted here you will be held to your choice. No dual role's will be accepted. This rule only applies to excite Gor, not to other chats.


8. The tags of Kasra will be obeyed by all.


9. Granting of a slave's request for entrance and to greet shall be done in this order: The Khan, Ubara, First Sword, Second Sword, Master in Charge, Mistress in Charge. No Visitor / Guest may grant entrance to any slave of Kasra. A Visitor's / Guest's slave, in the company of her / his Master / Mistress must be granted entrance by a Free of Kasra.


10. No ko'laring of a City Slave, making them a Personal Slave is legal without having first asked for and received permission from the Khan, as all City Slave's are, as they are owned by the City of Kasra, the property of the Khan and Ubara.


11. While a City Slave is fully restricted, expressing interest in making the City Slave a Free's Personal slave is forbidden. After a City Slave's level of restriction is reduced, a Free should first make known his / her interest in a City Slave to the Khan before doing so to the Slave of their interest.


12. Ko'laring of a City Slave making them a Personal shall not be legal without the Khan being present for the ko'laring. Only the Khan has possession of the key's to the ko'lar's of the City Slave's and only the Khan has the authority and right to unlock them.


13. Only the Khan, or in his absence the Ubara, then the First Sword, may ko'lar a slave as a City Ka'jira.


14. In Kasra the Khan and Ubara have sole and absolute authority. Challenging that authority is extremely foolish.


15. Free Women are expected to wear appropriate attire (i.e.- avatar's). Appropriate is, showing no more skin than the shoulder's and below the neck and chest to the point where no cleavage shows. Sexually provocative avatar's are not appropriate for a Free Woman. Note- This Law does not apply to Panther Girl's, who wear what avatar they please, anything short of full nudity IS appropriate in an avatar for Panther Girl's.


16. 'Face-Stripping' is not Gor. As such it is not allowable or legal within Kasra. Note to Visitor's - Kasra protects it's own, 'Face-Strip' a Free Woman of Kasra and you will find out the cost of such an act.


17. The Ubara of Kasra, Chynna, Free Companion of The Khan of Kasra, Kane Damar Grimblade, is Co-Ruler of Kasra. As such, it is expected that she be afforded the same Deference and Respect shown the Khan, by ALL. As Co-Ruler she has the same power and authority as the Khan. As with the Khan, when the Ubara enters a room, ALL Free will stand, all slave's will bow forward placing their head to the floor, and ALL will remain so until She sits down.


18. It is forbidden for a Free to interfere in the relation's between a Master / Mistress and their slave. ONLY the Khan and Ubara have a Right to do so. What a Master / Mistress does with or to their slave is the business of that Master / Mistress and them alone, barring the exception already noted.


19. In Kasra, a captured slave is a slave once captured and owned by the Free that captured them, or by the Free who bought them or the Free they were given to. Such ownership is immediate, there is NO waiting period, NO time that they are not. If formerly the property of another Master / Mistress, that Master / Mistress may feel free to come to Kasra and attempt to buy the captured slave, under one time automatic grant of Safe Passage lasting the duration of their visit for said purpose.









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