Throne Room of the Khan





Throne Room of the Khan.

Only those called to appear here, or who have requested to speak with the Khan concerning matter's of Great import, or have asked the Khan to Rule on a dispute, are welcome here.

To all other's, it is death to enter this room.













"There is no justice without the sword." "First the sword-then government-then law-then justice." (Tarnsman of Gor, p.155-6)

"If a Ubar does not respect the law of the Home Stone, what man shall?" (Assassin of Gor, p.407)

"The Ubar must contain within himself dark strengths. He must be capable of doing, as many men are not, what is necessary." (Explorers of Gor, p.243)


"More broadly, order and structure in human life, stability in society, even, in a sense, civilization itself, depends on sanctions. A civilization must be willing to impose sanctions, and to impose them reliably and efficiently. A lapse in such resolve and practice is a symptom of decline, even of impending disintegration. Ultimately civilization depends upon power, moral and physical, upon, so to speak, the will of masters and the reality of the whip and sword." (Magicians of Gor, p.124)

"A Ubar need give no accounting, no explanation." (Raiders of Gor, p.95)

"Why does the nibbling urt chatter and laugh at the larl? Is it because he himself is not a larl, or is it because he fears its paws?" (Explorers of Gor, p.229)


"Civilized men, the small and pale, the righteous, the learned, the smug, the supercilious, the weak-stomached and contemptuous, stand upon the shoulders of forgotten, bloody giants." (Beasts of Gor, p.31)


"It is hard for a man to be great who does not have great enemies." (Magicians of Gor, p.183)


"It is not always desirable to look deeply into the eyes of a Ubar. (Explorers of Gor, p.237)






Those called before the Khan remember where you are. Walk lightly,and carefully choose your word's. The Khan does not suffer fool's, those who lack common sense or the mannerless.

The Khan has neither the time nor the patience for trivial or irrelevant matter's or "small talk". If you have been called here, it is for a purpose. That purpose is the only matter for discussion. If you are here to speak with the Khan about matter's of great import, speak of them, as it is the only reason you are here. A warning, make sure that what you have asked to speak with the Khan about is of great import. The Khan does not tolerate having his time wasted.

If you are here for the Khan to resolve a dispute, either having asked it of the Khan or having been called before him to resolve one, all parities will remain silent until told that they may speak.

Anyone who interrupts a person told / allowed to speak by the Khan, (does not apply to the Khan), will incur his wrath.

Only the Khan may invoke any of the tag's in his Throne Room.






Throne Room Rule's and Function


1) No speaking is allowed until after the Khan has sat in his Throne and announced that discussion may begin.


2) Khan Grimblade control's the agenda. He will call on, one at a time, each person to speak. Interrupting a speaker shall not be tolerated, (this does not apply to the Khan).


3) All decision's / ruling's made by the Khan are final. They are not open to argument, discussion or debate. Do so and you risk your life.


4) All that occurs in this Throne Room is saved for future reference.


5) Any Member of Kasra caught lying or being dishonorable in the Khan's Throne Room will be maimed, stripped of his / her Citizenship, and banned for life. In addition His/ Her action's, with proof, will be given to the Ruler of every recognized HomeStone in excite Gor.







"It is seldom wise, incidentally, to impugn, or attempt to manipulate, the honor of a Gorean."
(Mercenaries of Gor - Pg. 297)


"You may judge and scorn Goreans if you wish. Know as well, however, that they judge and scorn you. They fulfill themselves as you do not. Hate them for their pride and power. They will pity you for your shame and weakness"
(Beasts of Gor, Pg. 11)


"There is a time and place for speaking, as there is a time and place for steel." (Slave Girl of Gor, p.269)


"Causes exist that men may fight." (Guardsman of Gor, p.16)


"It is fortunate that some arrangement exists for the men of the Tahari, like Goreans in general, are extremely proud, high strung, easily offended men, with a sense of honor that is highly touchy. Furthermore, enjoying war, they need very little to send hem to their saddles with their scimitars loose in their sheaths. A rumor of an insult or outrage, not inquired closely into, perhaps by intent, will suffice. A good fight, I have heard men of the Tahari say, licking their lips, justify any cause." (Tribesmen of Gor, pg. 177)
























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