Hall of the Khan





Hall of the Khan.

This Hall lead's to the seat of Government of Kasra.

Kasra's most recent Governmental History is herein detailed.







Kasra's former Khan, Khan Ghassan Fakhir Asad, childless upon his death, named his nephew, Kane Damar Grimblade, his Heir.

Upon his death, his title was passed on to his Heir.

Kasra's new Khan is Khan Kane Damar Grimblade.






The High Council of Kasra: The High Council is now composed of Gorean's appointed by the Khan as his advisors, who serve in that capacity at his whim. Though he allows, for now, one seat of his High Council to be filled by someone elected by the Citizenry of Kasra, a FW can be so elected. This person serves in his / her position on the High Council at the whim of the Khan or until a one year term has expired, upon which date, that person is either elected for another term or someone else is elected to replace them. Should the individual occupying that seat on the High Council be dismissed by the Khan, and remains living afterwards, the Citizenry cannot elect him / her to that position again.

The Flag of the Great City of Kasra:
The new flag of Kasra, (the old flag having been replaced by the Khan), is Black with a yellow-orange representation of the sun at it's center over that sun is a black Herlit - it's wing's furled back, it's talon's stretched out for the kill.






Caste System: There is no Caste System in the City of Kasra. All outsiders who visit Kasra are expected to leave their Caste at the City Gate, as their Caste will be neither recognized in Kasra, nor will they receive any benefit that they might receive elsewhere from their Caste. There are only two exceptions to this rule, that of the Caste of Scribes and Initiates who are allowed to retain their Caste and will receive the respect according their Caste while within Kasra.

Note: The recognition of these two Caste's only applies to those of Kasra. Any not of Kasra of those Caste's, see line one above, sentence two.


Coinage of the City of Kasra: To this the Khan has made changes as well, all old coins of Kasra, by order of the Khan, when received are to be exchanged for the new coins at the Khan's Bank in the Merchant's District, then taken and melted down and re-minted as the new coin's of Kasra.

Below is the new Coinage of Kasra:


Tarsk bit: It is a large coin worth ¼ of a copper tarsk. It is a simple coin with the words "Kasra" in the center of it's back in Taharic Script, in small Gorean letters along it's back edge, on it's front is the image of a Zad, it's broad wings unfurled, it hooked beak ready to strike, stamped into it's surface. Around the inside edge, are the words, in Gorean and Taharic Script, “Khan Kane Damar Grimblade”,

Copper Tarsk: The Copper Tarsk of Kasra is a copper coin. It has a Tharn, perched on a rock outcropping, stamped into the surface on it’s front, on it’s back is the name, in Gorean and Taharic Script, “Khan Kane Damar Grimblade.” Over the backdrop of the Lower Fayeen River.

Silver Tarsk: The Silver Tarsk of Kasra is a pure silver coin. It has the design of a Scimitar, held in a gloved fist, stamped into it's front, above this design in Taharic Script are the words "Khan Kane Damar Grimblade", underneath in Gorean, is the same. On it's back is a Desert Kailla in full gallop, stamped into it's center.

Double Weight Silver Tarsk: This coin is the second of it’s kind on Gor. It, as it’s name states, has twice the weight of pure silver in it. It has the profile image of Kane Grimblade, (The First), stamped into it’s front, with the words, around it’s inside edge at the top, in Gorean and Taharic Script, “May his memory fly upon the wing's of glory”, on it's lower inside edge, in Gorean Script "In Memorium", on it’s back stamped into it’s center is a Scimitar, and on it’s inside back edge, in Gorean and Taharic Script, are the words “Khan Kane Damar Grimblade.”, and in it's center is stamped a Herlit, it's wings unfurled, it's talon's extended for the kill.

Gold Tarsk: The Gold Tarsk of Kasra is a pure gold coin. It has on it's front a High Tharlarion, in full charge, teeth bared, stamped into it's center, around the inside edge, are the words, in Gorean and Taharic Script, “Khan Kane Damar Grimblade”, on it's back is the stamped design of a scimitar held in a gloved fist.

Double Weight Gold Tarsk: The Double-Weight Gold Tarsk of Kasra is a coin of the purest gold. On it's front, is stamped the profile image of Khan Kane Damar Grimblade, around it's front inside edge in Taharic Script and High Gorean are the words "Khan Kane Damar Grimblade", on it's back is stamped the image of a High Tharlarion, in profile, it jaws wide and in a full charge, around the inside edge, are the words, in Gorean and Taharic Script, “Khan Kane Damar Grimblade”. Note: The "eye" of the Charging High Tharlarion is a Sereem Diamond, firmly inset in the coin (done so before it completely cool's, allowing it to be sunk deep enough that it would be very difficult to get it out). Note: Perhaps a thousand of these coin's have been minted, approximately half that number are part of the Treasury of Kasra. It is currently planned to mint only one hundred of these coin's every year. Therefor, these coin's are very rare.


Value of the Coins of the City of Kasra:


Tarsk bit: 4 copper Tarsk bits equal 1 copper Tarsk.

Copper Tarsk: 100 copper Tarsk’s equal 1 Silver Tarsk.

Silver Tarsk: 5 Silver Tarsk’s equal 1 Double Weight Silver Tarsk.

Double Weight Silver Tarsk: 4 Double Weight Silver Tarsk’s equal 1 Gold Tarsk.

Gold Tarsk: 20 Gold Tarsk’s equal 1 Double Weight Gold Tarsk.

Double Weight Gold Tarsk: See below.






Throne Room of the Khan

The Khan's Private Study


Chamber's of The High Council of Kasra

Map and War Room






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