Chamber's of The High Council of Kasra






These are the Chamber's of the High Council of Kasra.

Only the Khan and the Member's of the High Council may enter these Chamber's, unless called before the High Council.

Any who defy this Law will be given one warning to leave, if they do not immediately do so, the penalty will be death.












The High Council of Kasra is composed, in large part, of Citizen's of Kasra appointed to it. One seat on the High Council is held by a Citizen elected to the position by his / her fellow Citizen's.


Kasra's High Council's Member's are -


1) Head of the High Council: Ubara Chynna


2) First Councilor: Jesseena


3) Elected Councilor: First Sword Python







Rule's of The High Council


1) The Head of the High Council prepares and control's the Agenda of ALL meeting's of the High Council.


2) NO interrupting a fellow Councilor or the Khan, if he is present, is ever permitted. (Does not apply to the Head of the High Council or the Khan)


3) The High Council's purpose is to advice the Khan on important issue's. Once a Meeting of the High Council has begun, only talk of those issue's on the agenda or other important issue's is allowed. NO side talk or talk of non-relevant issue's is ever permissible.


4) The High Council of Kasra will meet at least once per month. There are no limit to the number of time's the High Council may meet in any given month.


5) The Khan will be informed of ALL Meeting's of the High Council, date and time, regardless of whether or not his presence is requested by the High Council.


6) The High Council of Kasra is strictly an advisory Council. The Khan is not now, nor will he ever be required to follow the advice of the High Council.


7) Should the Head of the High Council not be present or available, the First Councilor will act in their stead, should both the Head of the High Council and the First Councilor both not be available or present the Elected Councilor will act in the Head of the High Council's stead.


8) The Khan may choose, at any time, to inform the Head of the High Council, or the Councilor acting in their stead, of his wish for a High Council Meeting and in what time frame he requires it. The Head of the High Council, or the Councilor acting in their stead, is required to schedule such a Meeting.


9) At a Meeting called by the Khan, the Khan will give to the Head of the High Council a copy of his prepared agenda, and will control the agenda as per a normal Meeting.


10) At the start of any Meeting of The High Council, the Khan may, if he so wishes, make a statement at the start of the Meeting.


11) Should the Khan be unavailable to attend, the Ubara of Kasra will sit in his place at the Meeting, regardless of what position she hold's on the High Council, if both are unavailable, the First Sword will do so, again, regardless of what position he hold's on the High Council.









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