General Rule's






All Rule's apply to anyone entering Kasra as well as it's own Citizen's and Slave's.








1. Honorable Goreans's, and those who seek to become one, are welcome in Kasra. You will be treated with Honor and Respect, the same is required of you.

When entering Kasra you are expected to Greet, then read the Rules, Laws and the list of the Banned.

All those on the banned list are to be placed on ignore immediately upon notice of them being banned. It is requested of Visitor's / Guest's that, while you are in Kasra, you refrain from speaking with one banned in Kasra if they are in Kasra.

No Master or Mistress may compel a slave to break his or her restrictions.

The City of Kasra is a Gorean Chat Room. If you are not a Gorean or here to learn about Gor then you should find another room. Any arguments or petty squabbles should be taken to either IM's or another room, never in a public room of Kasra.


6. Any girl of Kasra is restricted from furring unless her ID states "unrestricted".


7. In Kasra, it is offensive to the Khan and ALL of Kasra, for ka'jira to be called "slut" and / or "beast". Such names for ka'jira shall not be used in Kasra on any ka'jira of Kasra, EVER. If this is the way of your Home, you may leave it there. This, as is the case with all of the Rule's and Law's of Kasra, it is not open to discussion, debate or argument.


8. Any punishment of slave's will be handled by their Master.


9. The Free Woman of Kasra know their place, if you disagree feel free to take it up with the Khan.












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