Kasra Fighting Slave Rule's





Fighting Slave Rule's of Kasra.


All Fighting Slave Rule's apply to all fighting slave's that enter Kasra as well as those of Kasra.





Fighting Slave Rule 1: Fighting slave's shall ask for entry into Kasra in the following or similar manner: "Drawing to His knees, the fighting slave faces the place where the Homestone lays.Raising well muscled arms high in salute, before placing his palms flat to the tiles... fingers widely splayed, His deep masculine voice rings out...may (name of fighting slave) enter the city of Kasra?"

Fighting Slave Rule 2: Fighting Slave's shall Greet in the following fashion: To the Khan and their Master / Mistress a fighting Slave shall Greet in this Fashion - to the Khan - "Tal, Khan and Master. (and any additional greetings as appropriate)" - to their Master / Mistress "Tal, my Master / Mistress, (and any additional greetings as appropriate)"
To all Free fighting slave's shall Greet in this way - "Greetings Master / Mistress {Name}, (and any additional greetings as appropriate)"

Fighting Slave Rule 3: After being granted entry into Kasra, fighting slave's shall greet in this order: The Khan, The Ubara, First Sword, Second Sword, your Master / Mistress, all Free Men of Kasra, All Free Women of Kasra, all Free Visitor's / Guest's (Master's, then Mistresses), any you are unsure of regardless of sex, and then slaves, who are always greeted last, and may be greeted as a group.
Fighting Slave's do not use third person greeting's, a fighting slave's greeting should look something like this - "Greetings Master {Name} I hope this day has been good for you?" Fighting slave's shall also bow, slightly, to the Free they are Greeting before Greeting them.
A fighting slave's Greetings to the Khan shall be, when they see the Khan enter they will stand and bow towards him at the waist, they shall then Greet the Khan.

Fighting Slave Rule 4: Fighting Slave's sit, cross-legged, on the fur covered wooden pallets that lay along the wall behind the fur's where the pleasure slave's sit.

Fighting Slave Rule 5: Fighting slave's, when either greeting or speaking to the Free are not required to look at the feet of the Free they are speaking to. They are to look at their chest.

Fighting Slave Rule 6: The ko'lar's of fighting slave's of Kasra, be they owned by the City or by a Citizen of Kasra, are steel ko'lar's. These ko'lar's are a rounded steel ko'lar with a flat inner surface, they are thick and approximately 2" wide for male's, 1" to 1/2" wide for female's. These ko'lar's are plain with only the name of the fighting slave's owner, deeply engraved into the left side in both Taharic and Gorean Print Script, and, deeply inscribed on the right side in both Taharic and Gorean Print Script the name of the fighting slave. No Leash Ring is attached to this ko'lar.

Fighting Slave Rule 7: The brand used for Fighting Slave's in Kasra are one of two: 1) If owned by the City the Brand is 'FS' with the word "Kasra" - both in Taharic Script. 2) If owned by a Free of Kasra the Brand is 'FS' and the name of the Owner below it - both in Taharic Script.

Fighting Slave Rule 8: Fighting slave's of Kasra shall wear the following clothing only except in the Arena. a) A Sleeveless black leather tunic; b) A pair of pant's made of rep-cloth dyed either dark brown or tan; c) Ankle Sandal's; d) a pair of short dark brown leather bracer's and e) Either a dark brown leather headband or a cap of rep-cloth worn on the back of the head, may be dark brown, black or white.

Fighting Slave Rule 9: Fighting Slave's are not pleasure slave's, their only service is to fight in The Gladiatorial Arena. As such they do not 'serve'.

Fighting Slave Rule 10: Fighting Slave's are not allowed physical contact with the pleasure slave's of Kasra. In time provision will be made for Fighting Slave's to have access to and use of pleasure slave's. You will be told when that time is and details of it.

Fighting Slave Rule 11: Fighting slave you are, and that makes you different, but slave you are, and slave you will be. Do not forget your place, fighting slave. Never forget, obedience is your life.

Fighting Slave Rule 12: A Master is, by definition, always right. They are therefore never Wrong. This Law applies to all Free Persons. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement.."Yes, Master." Contradiction or arguing with a Free will never be tolerated.

Fighting Slave Rule 13: All Free shall be addressed as 'Master' or 'Mistress', except for the Khan and Ubara who are to be addressed as 'Khan and Master' or 'Ubara and Mistress'. If you are unable to determine the gender of the Free Person, you shall use 'Master' until such time as their gender can be determined.

Fighting Slave Rule 14: Always remember your place in Gor. Never forget it.



















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