Map and War Room





The Map and War Room of Kasra.





The only people allowed within this room during any Meeting's

that may occur here are those that make up Kasra's War Council:


1) Khan Grimblade

2) Ubara Chynna


3) First Sword Python


and those that the Khan chooses to invite to advice on matter's under discussion.


All other's are not welcome here. Any intruder's into this room shall be dealt with in whatever manner the Khan deems best.

No Meeting's can or will ever occur here without the Khan both initiating the meeting and attending it.

Any who do otherwise will be guilty of Treason and will be stripped of their Citizenship in Kasra and summarily executed.







"More broadly, order and structure in human life, stability in society, even, in a sense, civilization itself, depends on sanctions. A civilization must be willing to impose sanctions, and to impose them reliably and efficiently. A lapse in such resolve and practice is a symptom of decline, even of impending disintegration. Ultimately civilization depends upon power, moral and physical, upon, so to speak, the will of masters and the reality of the whip and sword." (Magicians of Gor, p.124)


"Economic power and political power are like the left and the right foot. To truly move, to truly climb, one must have both." (Hunters of Gor, p.172)


"Too often it seems it is the peaceful and innocent who are slaughtered. In this a lesson may be found that it may not be prudential to be either too peaceful or too innocent. One does not survive with wolves by becoming a sheep. T hat is only a short-cut to destruction." (Savages of Gor, p.89)


"The Ubar must contain within himself dark strengths. He must be capable of doing, as many men are not, what is necessary." (Explorers of Gor, p.243)


"It is pleasant to have one's enemies in one's power." (Savages of Gor, p.167)


"Civilized men, the small and pale, the righteous, the learned, the smug, the supercilious, the weak-stomached and contemptuous, stand upon the shoulders of forgotten, bloody giants." (Beasts of Gor, p.31)


"There are no mere points of honor." (Vagabonds of Gor, p.63)


"It is seldom wise, incidentally, to impugn, or attempt to manipulate, the honor of a Gorean." Mercenaries of Gor - Page 297


"Beware the sleen that seems to sleep." (Guardsman of Gor, p.50)


"It is fortunate that some arrangement exists for the men of the Tahari, like Goreans in general, are extremely proud, high strung, easily offended men, with a sense of honor that is highly touchy. Furthermore, enjoying war, they need very little to send hem to their saddles with their scimitars loose in their sheaths. A rumor of an insult or outrage, not inquired closely into, perhaps by intent, will suffice. A good fight, I have heard men of the Tahari say, licking their lips, justify any cause." (Tribesmen of Gor, pg. 177)








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