Hassad the Weapon's Smith





The Weapons Smith Shop of the Merchant District is owned by Haddad Ghassan.

He, though he operates his job and sells all it's weapon's, is one of the finest Weapon Smith's in the Tahari Region, those he employ's are nearly as skilled as he.

His Scimitar's are known throughout the Tahari, and many seek to have him, personally, forge them one. He rarely does so, as, he reserves those weapons forged by his own hand for special commission's from the Khan of Kasra.

No weapon's, regardless of type, found within his shop, are inexpensive. In his shop, quality is the Law, and he expects those wishing to buy from him to pay for it.






Weapon's forged and sold here:



Tahari Scimitar




Tahari Scimitar




Tahari Scimitar




Tahari Scimitar




Tahari Two Handed Scimitar




Tahari Short Sword




The Weapon's above are but an example of those that are forged and sold with the Weapon's Shop of Haddad Ghassan.











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