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Tonight I felt a pain inside

Of all the feelings I tried to hide

Of all the love that evaded me

Of all the faith I couldn’t see

I felt the lonely and the lost

I tired to run, forget the cost

The grief that struck me was so deep

I sat there alone and began to weep

Have you felt me? Could you see?

The pain and loneliness inside me

Did love again fail to come clear?

Away from you I tried to steer

Through the tears the sun did shine

Memories spoken now in rhyme

Did I lose in love or did I win

Is there time to start again?

Shall I wait? Or should I go?

No one will ever know

They see the smile and feel the love

As she fly’s this lonesome Dove.

But is it you she fly’s from now

Or just the thought wondering how

How to give her love away

To someone who may never stay.

Till tomorrow thoughts may clear

Wanting you forever near

Thinking maybe there is a way

You will pass my way to stay

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