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News Update - -This is our new site layout.

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Well the old site layout wasnt working to well for us so we decided to change it to this. This seems more island like anyway.

We are still a site dedicated to making graphics for other sites or for anyone who just wants them. This is still a free service to anyone who would like a graphic. Don't ask for too many at a time. We only have one designer who is able to design at the moment. And that is Lyall. So if you have some big project (ARF) that you would like us to do, keep in mind that there is only one person capable of doing it right now.

Current Project
Posted By: Lyall
Date: 8/20/03
Project: ARF's Lounge, Banner for mN.

Yesterday I finished Cyp's banner for Team mN, it was pretty fun to make.

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