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Howling Voice Guild The Howling Voice Guild is the elite combat force within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. They have two main tasks--to protect important people... or to assassinate them. The Howling Voice Guild also has a monopoly on the usage of gun powder and firearms, making them incredibly powerful and feared within Harmonia and beyond. Each member within the Howling Voice Guild is selected and trained from their youth, and not only do they become excellent gunners but they turn into excellent all-purpose killing machines. All members stay within "The Tower," the Howling Voice Guild's training facility, and never leave unless they are on a mission. Training in the Howling Voice Guild makes even the toughest of men cry, as the fierceness of their training is known to make trainees "vomit blood." It is said that some of the training requires fights to the death between best friends. Not all members become gunners however, some specialize in other fields, such as toxicology or espionage. The Howling Voice Guild has a rigid higherarchy with a twisted political structure. All members start at the Apprentice Class, then they move up to Squire Class, and a select few would become Knight Class Gunners. Knight Class Gunners are usually chosen to become the Guild Master of the guild. However, the Guild Master is not the ultimate head of the guild, that role falls to the Elders. The Elders are either retired Guild Masters or other members who have proven themselves through merit, and they pull the strings behind the Guild Master's back. They often form factions within the guild and some of them have influence within Harmonian politics. A few of them are friends of powerful Harmonian aristocrats.