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Gods and Goddess

Irish / Celtic Gods & Goddesses - The Ever Living Ones (Part 1)

Irish / Celtic Gods & Goddesses - The Ever Living Ones (Part 2)

The Silver Wheel, The Sky Lady, The Mother Goddess, The Archetypal Female, Mistress of the Elements, Queen of All Worlds, Goddess of the Deities, Chief of the Divine Powers, Creator and Rebirther of the Realms, Priestess of the Tides. This benevolent goddess, came to the earth below from her home in heaven to experience flowing with the streams as they journeyed to the sea.
The Mistress of the Mantle, The Woman of the Hills, The Seer. She is the great solar goddess of inspirations, divination, light, fire, cows, inner healing, prophecy, poetry, bardic lore, smithcraft, and Imbolc. One of her most ancient names, fiery arrow, Breo-saighead, means divine justice. One of the triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. She is the daughter of The Dagda, the All Father of the Tuatha de Danann, one of the most ancient people of Northern Europe. As Goddess of fire and water, she is immortalized by many wells and springs. When Christianity began its onset, so loved was Brighid that she was made a saint. She is also prominent in myths about sacred quests.
Cernnunos (Herne)
The Green Man, The Horned One, Protector of the Animals, Himself, Guardian of the Forest. The virile vegetation god of the hunt, fertility, nature, holy groves, shapeshifting, shamans, and prescriber of the harvest. He tracks violators of the natural order, acting as Keeper of the Hallowed Land and the spirits that dwell there.
The Mystic Initiator, The Awen Stirrer, The Moon Well, Wisdom Gatekeeper, The Celtic Shaman, She is the goddess of harvests, spell wisdom and knowledge, divinations, cauldrons, and past lives.
The Good Father, The Magickal Harper, The Wisdom Warrior, The High Priest. He is a god of potency, animal and elemental magick, alchemy, creative powers, and music spells.
Danna (Dannu)
The First Mother, The Tribal Sovereign, The Empress. She is the goddess of holy stones, motherhood, manifestation magick, creativity, achieving one's desires, and healing children.. Symbolizes rivers, water, wells, prosperity, magick, and wisdom. Tuatha de Danaan literally means Children or Clan of Danu. The Tuatha de Danaan are the Fae folk of Ireland.
"Queen of the Druids". Celtic Fir Goddess and Mother of the tree calender. Symbolizes protection, knowledge, creativity, passion, sex, fertility, growth, trees and forests.
The Great Mare, The Horse Lady, Guardian of Song Thresholds, Land Sovereign, All Seasons Presence. She is the goddess of cornucopias, fruitfulness, abundance, birds, horses, cavalry, journeys, mothers, sisters, and friends.
The Shining One, The Long Armed Master of All the Arts, Protector of the Weak, Multi-Skilled Earth Father, Bridger of Worlds. He is the sun god of grain harvest, crafting, metallurgy, grains, breads, looms, and fire who has taken on human form to worship among the Druids.
The Great Son, Rider of Wild Horses, Sun Power in the darkness, King of Otherworldly Death, Innocent Youth of Fertility. He is the god of the harvest, prophecy, the ritual hunt, wild chase, sex, virility, love magick, boars, mineral springs, vines, grapes, wine, and the lyre.
The Three Ravens, Passing Over Ritualist, Overcomer of Enemies, Protector of Warriors. She is a goddess of death, battles, crows, waning and dark moons, and banishing magick.
The Sky Lord, a god of thunder, lightening, storms, passages, weather magick, seasonal changes of the eight spoked wheel of the year, and the oak tree.
A great Celtic (Irish) Warrior God. Patron God of scholars and eloquence from Gaul. He invented the runic language of the Druids for remembrance of lore, the Ogham characters were written on wooden staves or inscribed on stones. Ogham consists of twenty five strokes branching off a central line like the limbs of a tree. Each stroke corresponds to an alphabetic letter. Although similar in purpose, Ogham, as a powerful symbolic language, is distinctive from the Nordic Runes. The Ogham glyph system is similar to a grove of trees where each tree is a knowledge and power key that corresponds to certain colors, numbers, human characteristics, stones, stars, divine qualities, animals, birds, and animals. Like a forest of neural dendrites recording the memories of knowledge and the wisdom of experience, the Ogham serves as a connectivity timebridge for storytelling, song, and restoring balance by honoring the circle of sacred traditions.
Celtic (Welsh) God of song, known as Prince of Song, Chief of the Bards of the West, and Patron God of the Druids, he was a great magician, bard, and shapeshifter who gained his knowledge from the Goddess Cerridwen directly.
Aine of Knockaine
Celtic (Irish) Goddess of love and fertility, later known as the fairy queen. Goddess related to the moon, crops, and farms or cattle. Aine is revered among Irish herbalists and healers and is said to be responsible for the body's life force. Some said she was the daughter of Manannan, some said she was the Morrigan herself. There was a stone, Cathair Aine, belonging to her and if anyone sat on the stone, they would be in danger of losing their wits, sit three times and they would lose them forever. Aine was very revengeful, and it was not a safe thing to offend her.
Babd Catha
Celtic (Irish) Goddess of war. Mother aspect of the triple Goddess. Symbolizes life, enlightenment, wisdom and inspiration. Sister of Macha, the Morrigan, and Anu, the name of this Goddess means "boiling," "battle raven," and "scald-crow". Known as Cath Bodva in Gaul. A Mother Goddess and Triple Goddess and part of the trio for which Ireland was named including Eriu and Fotia or Fodla, Badb's cauldron boiled with the ever-producing mixture that produced all life.
Celtic Goddess of Earth, fertility and war. Also known as Queen Maeve and known as Mebd. She was a great conqueror and enjoyed enslaving the men of the Armies she defeated as spoils of war to pleasure her at will. A VERY lustful woman. Also known as the "Drunk Woman". The mere sight of Maeve or Medb blinds enemies, and she runs faster than the fastest horse. A lewd woman, she needs thirty men a day to ease her sexual appetite. Also a fertility Goddess.

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