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Greeting all!

We'd like to start with a disclaimer. We are a little crazy. And by little we mean a lot! We're not just your average run of the mill crazy, we're talking voices in the head, random dance parties, no sugar-added sugar highs, we don't need a day-pass insane!

Okay, that might be a little much, maybe not...hee hee hee...

Anyway, here are the official introductions:

Kris: Red hair, hazel eyes, crazy celtic descent, friend of the faeries, pixies and all other wee-folk. Not to mention sexy shirtless scotsmen. *LOL* But that's another story for another time. :)

Becky: Reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, celtic & gypsy descent, severe royalty complex, casts the "evil eye" upon those who tick her off - though getting her to laugh can break the stare.

Together: Friends for so many years they are soul sisters, insanity flows easily between them, constant laughter, love and adventure. Role play is the spice of life. Variety is the life of spice! hee hee...

The beginnings of the guppy sisterhood were humble...

What began from a single sentence and an inside joke, blossomed into a greeting, an emotion, and the start of a whole new level of insanity only they seem to understand no matter how many times or ways they try to explain it! Many just nod, smile, and sometimes pat them on their heads, but most just wait for the chance to run away. "swim away!" ~ Crill from Nemo. The best way to sum up the Guppy Sisterhood is to simply say...they're special!

IMPORTANT Please be sure that you check in on the blog for updates. There you will find the newest information. That is the guppy news source. You are also able to reply to the posts. Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and input.

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