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Welcome to the Contests and more Contests Guild Webpage! This guild was made to have contests and have fun. Our goal is to have 150 members and have constant contests with lost of prizes and have a guild till of 10 million neopoints. That might be a little exagerated, but it could happen. Now to the contests, we will have our first one at 15 members it will be for a mutant petpet paintbrush. I can't wait!The prizes will be stuff like paintbrushes, Petpets, Neopoints, Battledome Items and morphing potions. If we reach a total guild till of 10 million we will have a contest for a couple hidden tower items. But for now there will be contest for stuff under 150000np. The donation shop will be in matt_44_'s shop. We're planning to start a guild mall as soon as we reach 20 members. If you can make a banner for the guild(Payment to be decided) we would be very thankful. Newbie Packs, will be handed out soon. If we get lots of donations our newbie packs won't include junk items, it would include faeries and codestone maybe even a basic paintbrush. So start donating so we can have good newbie packs and good contest prizes. matt_44_ might hold a BD tournament at 30 members but that depends if we can get donations. I think this guild will be very succesful. We're planning on having 1np auctions too but that all depends on if you guys donate to the guild. If you would like to receive an increase in your rank, be active and donate neopoints and items. For every 3 people you recruit and they neomail me you will recieve a prize depending on how many you already recruited. So join, donate and help this guild be succesful!