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Green Fern Gully


RPG Collection After Sumner O'Bryan died the last remaining person Righliegh left to get more people to populate Green Fern Gully. After the storm was gone for good builders poored into Green Fern Gully to rebuild it, problem is only one person stayed after it was finnished, her name is Rachel Depp. Rachel is a Green Fern Gully native and she is working hard to rebuild her home place. Welcome to GFG this land is strugling to make it work. One thing no one thaught about when they evacuated for the storm was the 56 horses left here to die, Unfortunately on 32 were able to survive 16 mares, 10 Stallions, 3 Foals and 3 Geldings. They all need homes and a new start. For the loss of 24 amazing horses we morn but threw the 3 that were born we rejoice. Will you have a heart and rescue them or will you leave them to fight for thier life in this land of beauty.