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Rules Of The Game

Please read the rules before you start playing. This saves upset and arguments at a later date. These rules cannot be changed unless I say so, you must play by them or leave the game. Without rules there would be no game, without games there would be no fun!


1.To play GFG you must first join. if you leave a correct email address you will be sent a joining letter which will clearly explain the game.

2.You CAN play more than one character, but you must be active with them.

3.NO power playing. This is when you act out what someone else did. its not fair!

4.NO pretending to be another player. This is a bannable offence, and you can be caught!

5.If someone else has the same name, or horse name as you, add a pre-fix, affix or a sername to save confusion.

6. Both horses and players age 1 year every 4 months. Jan, May & September

7. NO swearing, abuse or bullying will be tolerated. You will only get 1 warning before you are banned

8.There is no money on the game. please dont try to buy things with money!


1. A player may NOT have more than 6 horses, UNLESS they own a stable.

2.Keep it REALISTIC. Your Shire horse is unlikely to make a good racer, and your 12hh pony cannot jump grand prix height! Most people do not own 4 stallions unless they have a stud. A foal out of 16.hh bay parents won't be grey and 14.2hh.

3.A horse can be ridden at 3 years old, 2 if it is a thoroughbred. They cannot breed untill this age either!

4.BREEDING: a gelding CANNOT breed. There can be NO incest. A stallion cannot breed with his daughter, mother etc. Mares have a 2 week gestation period before the foal is born. You CANNOT breed them or ride them during this time. A foal will age 1 year every week until it is 3, then will follow the normal aging time.


1. You win points by

  • Entering shows
  • Training your horse (10 pts each level)
  • Breeding (5 points to both mare & stallion)
  • Born with % of parents points (1/4 of combined points)

    2.Points for shows are as follows...






    6th=10th place-1pt

    3.Points start again each year in june. Horses will lose their points, but cannot lose stars. Stars are awarded for high point collection and are as follows...






    The higher the stars, the better the horse

    4.Anyone with a stable can run a show, but boarders can ask permission from the owner to run one, but must have a good idea of page building and must be active. Once you have run the show you must submit the results to the public AND to the points so that they can be added.

    5. OTHER POINTS: It you YOUR responsibility to inform the workers at the point that...

  • your mare/stallion has bred
  • Your horse has been trained
  • Your foal has been born with 1/4 of parents combined points

    You will not recieve the points if you do not inform them. and Points will NOT be chased up!