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you have joined GFG

Congratulations... you are an official member of Green Fern Gully. Please read through this page if you are a 1st time joiner. If You have just joined Another Character click Here

Just incase you are worrying, GFG is completely free. you do not have to pay for anything.

If you are not sure how to play, i have included afew gaming hints to start you off

  • GFG is an RPG (Role PLaying Game) that means you act out the life of your character. There is NO PROBLEM with playing a boy Or a girl or playing yourself, or someone you know, or someone famouse or someone you would like to be. It doesn't matter. If somebody else already has your name, you MUST change it, or include a letter or number after the name.

    you play through message boards, saying what your character did
    (example) Synthia drove up tp the yard in her blue 4x4. she parked it and jumped out. She was wearing her long blonde hair in a pony tail and had her jodhpers and a shirt on. She went into Sooty's stable and patted the black thoroughbred Stallion. She went to the tack room to fetch his things so they could ride...
    At the stables, downtown and places such as the beach and trails you can post messages to other people and thats how you make freinds.
    (example) Josh walked into the tack room and saw someone he'd never met before. "Hi, I'm Josh. Are you new here? Fancy coming for a ride with me?"

    OK so first you need some horses. you can create a few to specification at 'create a horse' or buy other people's horses at the horse dealers on on any of the sale's pages on the stables. You are only allowed 6 horses remember!

    Once you have horses you need a place to keep them. have a look at all the stables and choose your favourite, e.g. Allington Hall. Then post a message in the office or boarding board giving the details of your horses, and say you'd like to keep them there

    Once Boarded, you can visit your horses, care for them and post messages saying how you rode them. You can also do lots of other things like train them, compete them and breed them.

    You can begin to make friends whenever you like. just pop downtown and approach somebody to talk to. they may reply back or they might not. keep on trying through. You can also meet people out riding on the trails and the beach!

    You will need somewhere to live. There are some boarding houses and hotels on the esate or you can move in with a friend. The alternitive is to create your own horse (just a simple message board) and send the url for me to put up.

    Hopefully there will be no swearing as there is a filter on the message boards. Any misbehavior will not be tolterated and the culprit will be warned. On re-ofence she/he will be banned
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