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Allington Show


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NEW SHOW! summer show jumping

1. Cradle Stakes. 1'6 max: Ponies only, children under 10 yrs

2. Cross Poles. 2'0 max: Horses and Ponies with 0 points

3. Green Novice. 2.3'max: Horses and Ponies with 1-5 points

4. Novice. 2.6'' Max: Horses and Ponies with 6-12pts.

5. Intermediate. 2.9'' max. Horses and Ponies with 13-20pts

6. Pony Open: fences 3.0'' max. No point restrictions

7. Horse Open. Fences 3.3'' max. To have attained 1 star or more

8. Large Open. Fences 3.6'' max. To have 2 stars or more

9. Chase me Charlie. Fences begin at 2.6''. Once all horses have been presented to the jump it will be raised 3'', each time. Refusal or knockdown incurrs disqualification or horse and rider pair.

~Entrys close 5th may. enter on the Allington's office board

~Horses can be entered in as many classes eligable.

~Riders may ride up to 4 horses per class

~Horses must be ridden in a snaffle bridle, until medium classes where a double bridle is allowed. Horses are marked on paces and submission. Riders marked on position and accuracy.

~Horses MUST be eligable for the class entered. If not, your entry will be disqualified.