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Green Fern Estate

Here is where everyone lives. To have a house you must build it yourself and submit it to me to put up. You must state which street/building you want it in!

No more houses are to have stabling and paddocks. you cannot have your horses at home unless you OWN a stable on the stables page! Please move your horses to a boarding stable or your house will be deleted! I have now removed the houses which contain stabling facilities. I will replace the houses when resubmitted without equestrian facilities

Green Fern Avenue

No 1. Filly Villa

No 2. Clear water Manor

No. 3 Mark's house

No. 4Pine Hollow House

No. 5. Angelique's place

No. 6: The Park's resisdence

No. 7: Carol's home

No. 8: friesian house

No. 9:Summer's House

NO. 10: Sarah's house

Pelham Lane

No 1. Mike's house

No 2. Tarin's House- Mortek Manor

No 3. empty

No 4.Nicole's house

No. 5Sunset Hotel House

No. 6:Dancye's House

no. 7:Venus's house

No. 8:Collin & family's house

No. 9:The River Family's House

No 10:removed

Hunter Street

No. 1:Jacob's house

no. 2:Lauren p's

No. 3:Katherine's House

No. 4: Autumn & Tiffany's House, we take boarders

No. 5: Green Valley Ranch-Matts

No. 6:Cassy &Joe's House

No. 7:Central Park Apartments {For Rent}

No. 8: Morgan's House

No. 9:Maria's home

Paddock Lane
No.1Stevie & Amy's house

No. 2:Removed.

No. 3: Starry stream house

No. 4:Kelly's house

No. 5:Thalia and Amber's House

Green Valley Drive

No 1:Sarah's Farm

Dakota's House

Ecruteak Manor- We Take Boarders

Fox Run Acres - Accepting Few Boarders

Brads house