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Stallions Standing

These Studs do not belong to Allington Hall and vary greatly in ability and training. To breed a mare to one of these Studs either contact the owner or we at Allington can arrange a breeding if you owner cannot be found

Dare Devil
Age 5
Height 17 hh
Breed Pure Quarter Horse
Colour and markings Black Paint
Discapline: Stud and Western Events Other details Very hard to manage.He needs a very tight stud chain for you to remain in control.Very Powerful stallion and could kill a human with a single blow to the head.Wips,spurs and other methods have absolutly no effect on him. Owned by Sara

Catch Me If You Can (Teddy)

Character ~Playful With a lot of character
Discipline/Events ~ Racer and Eventer. Owned by Lucy.

Jungle Smarts
barn name: Smartie
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 4
Gender: Stallion
height: should mature to 16.1hh
colour: bay
Details: Tropic has great bone structure and is first class just like his father. (Jungle Spider) We expect him to do great in eventing, but to excel in Show Jumping. Owned by Lucy

Arctic Prince
4 year old
make 17.hh
White with darker patches of Grey. Oldenburg x Hanoverian colt.
By Carnival King- coloured event horse, Out of First Frost, now deceased, grand prix dressage mare.
Typical warmblood type build, with strong neck, shoulders and quarters. Ungelded, and accepted by both breed societies. e.g. if he was bred to a Hanoverian mare, the foal would be classed as purebred. Great eventing and dressage prospect. Owned by Emma

Horse's Name Dash For Cash
Age 3
Height: 15 hh
Breed: Thoroughbred
Colour and markings: Bay With A Star
Discapline: Racing
Other details Barn Name:Cash
Personality:Hes a highstrung stallion.But when hes on the track,he know his job and does it well.He would make a great stallion someday. Ownd by Sara

Al Amhara
11 years
Brilliant showing and endurance history, always in the ribbons. Make a wonderful stud or competition prospect. Well mannered, but spirited

Name: Rockstar
Age: 5
Height: 16.2
Breed: Trakehner
Colour: Black w/a star
a wonderful stallion. He is a pure black trakehner who at a young age is already proving himself. He will be a star in the future as a stud, jumper, hunter, or event horse!
Owned by Emma

Horse's Name: Dreamweaver "Dancer"
Age: 7
Height: 16.2
Breed: Trakehner
Gender: Stallion
Colour: bay with blaze
Dancer has the perfect form for the hunters, speed for the jumpers, and the gracefulness and concentration it takes for Dressage. He passes all of this on to his offspring. A wonderful horse with a great temprament and disposition. Owned by lena

Horse's Name: Confidentially Mine
Age 6
Height 16.0
Breed American WB
Colour and markings:Grey (white)
Gender: Stallion
Discapline :jumping Other details Nickname: Conman. Easy going horse, never has an attitude.