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The Basics of Grammatical Structure

What is a Grammatical Structure?

Grammatical structures are the building blocks of language. These structures can be broken down into phrases and clauses. Listed below are the different types of phrases and clauses found in the English language. Either skip around and get help in the areas you need it in, or go through each one for a brief definition of each structure and examples of how to use it. Happy searching!

Grammatical Structures

Phrases vs. Clauses
Present Participial Phrase
Past Participial Phrase
Gerund Phrase
Prepositional Phrase
Adjective Infinitive Phrase
Adverb Infinitive Phrase
Noun Infinitive Phrase
Absolute Phrase
Appositive Phrase
Independent Clauses vs. Subordinate Clauses
Adjective Subordinate Clause
Adverb Subordinate Clause
Noun Subordinate Clause
From Clauses to Sentences: How to Form Sentences from Clauses and Phrases
Parts of Speech