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A little pink stallion strides towards you and introduces himself.
"Sella li!" he gives an energetic bow. "Welcome to The Charity
Kevana Topenasta! The Special Occasions charity in other words.
I am Varana'cyr'rin the lead member as I founded the charity."
The small white wings flutter abit.

"Well now! I know you didn't come here to listen
to me chatter away so follow me to the other members
of the charity. We have no foals yet, but hopefully that
will change. A few will be going to anyone that wants them
and others will be just like most Painted Unicorns, there will
be only one and only one person will adopt him or her."
Then he stops and gives you a very stern look. "I don't think
I need to tell you that we are Not free for the taking.
If you wish to adopt Painted Unicorns of any type
you must do it the proper way and not by stealing us from our homes."

"Enjoy your visit with the members! We're an Open Charity."

An m or f next to the name denotes gender as being male or female.

All Painted Unicorns Are (c) to Silvanon
This Charity belongs to Luminaire
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