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Welcome to the Charity.

Two paints side by side whicker greetings. "Sella li, kavernin and welcome to our charity, FaliCorasta." the first said in a smooth deep voice. "I am Otom'binin and the beauty next to me is my mate, Fali'Chirinien." He fondly touches his mate's cheek.

The lovely mare smiles and bows her head slightly. "Sella li, I hope you like what you see of the charity so far. Otom and I are the first of two pairs in the charity, but we are hopeful that a few more will join us eventually."

"We are a charity for mated pairs, but we wouldn't have the heart to deny anyone who truely wish to join so singles are welcome too." Otom continued.

"However, we do have a bit of a theme going on as you can see for yourself. Paints who wish to join should consider whether they fit the theme in personality, name, or appearence before making the decision."

"Or are just so in love with each other it gives everyone around them a toothache." Chiri's adds amused.

"Please contact me if you want to join." Otom finished with a warm smile.

Accepted Fosterers List
-Savari for Danitala & Kiv'zef'baver-

Paints are (c) to Silvanon
BG is from Absolute Backgrounds Archive
Pair Picture put together by Karasu Graphics and layout (c) to Luminaire
This Charity belongs to Luminaire