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Monday December 6, 2004
(7:51 PM) After switching to Linux, I've decided that I need to revamp my web page, mostly because I can't and don't use FrontPage now. As you can probably see, I've already got the front page done, I should have it done completely in a little while. Also, sorry for the extremely long time since the last update, a lot of other things have been occupying my time. I'll try to update the web page a little more regularly now.

Monday June 14, 2004
(10:25 PM) Ahh, I've got a lot of new stuff for you all. First, four small speedmaps, Second, I've finished my map Pyramid of Ra. It's a large SP (single player) map (270+ monsters). And finally I also have a new MP (multiplayer) map too! As always, it's in the maps section. I'm also writing some tutorials for editing in Cube too! look at the new tutorials section for details. A lot of new for you to download! -enigma

Wednesday June 9, 2004
(11:15 PM) Well, I've been working on my Pyramid map for a while now. The ammo placement still seems off: at some times, I have too much ammo, but at other times, I am running out. Oh yeah, and I need more health too. Once I get these two things down I'll be releasing it. Oh yeah, And I've also started work on a new SP map with a spacey theme. -enigma

Tuesday May 1 8, 2004
(3:30 PM) OK, so I've made a few speedmaps (four to be exact) and I'm now testing my pyramid map. If all goes according to plans, I will have my pyramid map ready to go in a few days. I'm already working on a new map... More on that later!! -enigma

Wednesday May 5, 2004
(7:40 PM) I've finally finished my Abandoned Building map. The lighting fought me from the beginning because I had to strike a balance of dark, creepy atmospheric lighting, and being able to play it on a dark/glary monitor. I believe I have found a happy medium now. While it does play better in a dimmed room, it will work in a sunlit room too. I've also uploaded some screenshots of my single player map "The Pyramid of Ra." I am working on the second half of it, and should be done sometime soon. -enigma