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Freelance Photo Journalism

This old church proved to be a challenge for me, It took me about a year to gather the little bit information I have on it. It is located in Chackbay, approximately 6 miles from Thibodaux, La. The walls are falling, and the white paint is still visible on the outside. Looking in through the door, I was able to see that it was only one room. The walls were yellow, and the pulpit was a raised surface in the back of the church, now all broken with the rest of the floors. There are tree branches growing through the walls. It is really sad to see how something can be forgotten. In it's time, it must have been a happy place. Now it is hidden behind trees, and the grounds are all grown over. It was called St. Lukes Baptist church, and I think it was also a black church. This area was not a very populated area in the early nineteen hundreds. There would have been only a few families. There is a small graveyard in the back. They have only about 12 people buried there.