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Welcome to my award-winning (Wire Rims 2000 -1st place tie for Outstanding Schmoop, 2nd place for Outstanding Skinner Series and an honorable mention for Outstanding Skinner/Mulder story/series.) X-Files fan fiction story, White Picket Fences! All the separate chapters are here in this one, big, PDF file. Chapter bookmarks are set up for navigation, if you want to use them.

This story takes place after the knowledge of the alien conspiracy has been made public. Skinner no longer works at the FBI, and is now the sheriff of a quiet little town in Virginia. His new, peaceful life is disrupted when Mulder corners him about a secret told to him by Krycek. Shinanagans ensue after Mulder moves in with Skinner, Kryceck drops off two small Krycek clones, and an oops appears from Mulder's past.

The majority of this story is nothing but NC-17 fluff, mostly between two men. If it isn't your thing, don't read it. If you are under age, don't read it. This is your final warning.

This story has been edited for spelling and punctuation errors, and nothing else. All canon errors and anything just plain stupid has remained. I take full credit for any and all things stupid and immature; I began writing stories by using X-Files for practice, and the new writer shows! Boy, the changes I would make, if I wanted to!

Just a few  notes about topics on the story:

1)    this issue about the boys running around after their baths -I was house sitting one weekend, and the grandsons of one of the owners came for a visit along with their mother. The owners were due back later in the evening. The boys were little, so, as little boys will, they were running and screeching through the water outside in the courtyard. It was a warm summer morning. The police showed up. Apparently a neighbor heard two small boys screeching and automatically called the police on the house owned by two gay men. That kind of ignorance irritates the crap out of me.

2)    Kids singing -I was also irritated by the public schools deciding that music wasn't as important as sports, despite evidence to the contrary.

3)    Hugs and kisses -when I was growing up, fathers didn't usually show that kind of affection to sons. It's fairly common, now, but not then. I like it. I find it sweet, watching a dad treating his son with the affection he would show a daughter. I think boys need it, just as much as girls.

4) Originally published under my first pen name, Batela.

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White Picket Fences

An X-Files fan fiction story

by Michele Briere

Warning: This is a big file. I can Drop-Box it to you, if that would make it easier for you to download and open.
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