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The Realms Beyond Civilization - Epic 36 Pax Americans

I'm happy that I managed to complete the Epic 36. My first Epic btw. Now I try to write the report. My english not good so I use a lot of images. I had problems when running the 36. Game crashed when I did bombing runs with F-15's and automated workers caused crashes. Version: PTW 1.21f. Here is my final save Epic36

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The Ancient Ages:

Founded Washington NW from start. First built 2 scout. After Granary I was able to start to build settlers every 6 turns. Moving settler N from start would be optimal for settler factory.

4000BC -RBCiv-36: Land lord. You scum order new settlers far away. We want our cities to be wide spaced.
-Land Lord: As you wish my dear emperor.


3150BC -RBCiv-36: Hi beauty. What you say if we offer Masonry, 1gpt and 48 gold for Alphabet?
-Queen: Agreed.


2590BC -RBCiv-36: Are you tired Hiawatha? This offer will wake you Masonry for Ceremonial Burial, Bronze working and 10 gold.
-Hiawatha: This seems fair to me...

2390BC New York (N near silk)
1910BC Boston (W second river)

1790BC -RBCiv-36: We shall not rest until their graves are digged. Cities build barracks and warriors for later upgrades.

1725BC Philadelphia (E coastal)


1700BC -RBCiv-36: Don't worry Shaka we offer wealthy life for you. Ceremonial Burial, Alphabet and 52 gold for The Wheel and Warrior Code.
-Shaka: You're known as a tough negotiator, RBCiv-36.

1650BC -War Lord: Sir our Settlers flee in panic.
-RBCiv-36: Don't fear I give my all gold for warrior upgrades. If we get IW in time.

1600BC Atlanta (S coastal)

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