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Azalea Aideen Lyastri

Azalea Aideen Lyastri, born of a Drow Father, and Elf Mother, which created much difficulty for the young half-breed. After her mother's death, by her father's hand, she was forced to reside among the Drow's, where she gained her much needed fighting abilities. However, there was a distruptance due to her being only half-drow, the Matron's son, Tebryn, having fallen in love with said half-breed. The Clan's Shaman was supposed to deal with her, casting a horrible curse over the poor girl before slinging her into the fast rapids of a nearby river. She escaped, needless to say, and quickly found herself in Hollow, where she was not only adopted by the Lyastri Family, but soon started on of her own with Jarrysn.



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