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   Shining Star Contest!

Shining Star Contest

Do you feel you have the best pet in Neopia? A great gallery? Or perhaps a great looking original user-lookup?

This contest spotlights great achievements of our guild members!

Current Contest: My Pet's Page

If you feel your pet and its page deserves some attention and praise, enter the contest. The most outstanding pet's page wins!

Starts: 31st July

Entry Deadline & Voting Starts: August 1st

Voting Ends & Winner Announced: August 8th

Prize: A listing in the Guild's Hall of Fame plus:

A Starberry

The categories will be decided on randomly, but they will not include games scores, as that is reserved for the guild's Better Than You Competition.

Once a new contest is announced, guild members will be asked to submit their entries under the specific category. All submissions will be through neomail to merubinu. You will be able to submit entries for about a week.

After submissions have been received, the top 5 contestants will be voted upon by guild members through the Guild Poll. Voting lasts another week, then the winner is announced!

Do NOT create multiple accounts to get more votes, if you're caught you'll be disqualified and suspended.