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My Doll Icons


Thanks for checking out my Doll Icons! If you don't see something you like, you can e-mail me a request including the hair color, type of outfit, color of outfit, and what you would like your icon to say. For ideas or to make your own doll, check out Doll Magic or The Doll Palace.
If you don't know how to make your doll into an icon, you can then e-mail it to me as an attachment and tell me the wording that you want on your icon, and I will make your doll into your very own icon for you. Unless instructed otherwise, I will also be putting a copy of the icon on my site.

This site was last on 8/1/03

The icons I have made and will make in the future will be divided into several categories as follows:

African American Doll Icons

Blonde-Haired Doll Icons

Boy Doll Icons

Brunette Doll Icons

Diva Doll Icons

Gothic Doll Icons

Red-Haired Doll Icons

Silents Icons

Wonderkins Icons

More categories may be added as needed.