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.Welcome to Diocese Realm, personalzing studio. Here you can get someone to find pictures for you, personalize a picture or put an html layout on a picture for you.

Please Post The Following For A Picture To Be Personalized

1. Name and/or Slogan

2. Color and Breed

3. Background idea

4. The scheme of the picture (if it's supposed to be bright and cheery or erie and dark)

5. Font color

6. Layout font color/ scroll color (if you want one)

7. Any other information

Please Post The Following For Finding A Picture

1. Color and breed

2. Gender

3. How many you need

We also do pictures not realting to horses so just post the fields that have to do with your picture


We really need staff so if you want to try out, for you post subject just put Employment and inside (for layouts/html and personalizers) post 2 examples of your work.

Picture Finders:




Picture Personalizers




Staff Info

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