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I treated you bad
You bruise my face
Couldn't love you more
You got a beautiful taste

Don't let the days go by
Could have been easier on you
Couldn't change, though I wanted to

Could have been easier on three
Our old friend Fear, and you and me

Don't let the days go by

I guess it's time to face the truth
And admit my past mistakes
Come to terms with all that's wrong with me
And all the things I'll never be

Why am I afraid to feel?
Afraid of what is true?
Why am I afraid to feel?
When all I really want is you?

To taste your skin
To share your thoughts
Would never be enough for me...

...if I could only breathe you in.

¤ The beauty that is 1x2 ¤

You're probably wondering (or know exactly) why we're both so bonkers over this particular pairing. It's not necessarily a proven pairing in the series (Gundam Wing... though they hurl so many hints at you that they might as well be), and some people seem to think that the differences in their personalities make them clash too much to build a solid, steady relationship on.
The muns do not agree with this. At all.
We'll start with a basic explanation on what 1x2 means. Heero Yuy is pilot 01, from the L1 colony cluster. Duo Maxwell is pilot 02, from the L2 colony cluster. Hence, 1x2! Easy, isn't it? Yes, good person. Here's a cookie.
ANYWAY, let's move onto the deeper shaznit. The relationship these two have seemed to establish throughout the series (and even beyond) is not just a 'Boy meets boy, boy grows fond of boy over time, boy falls in love with boy'. It's so much more intricate and complex.
Heero Yuy is not the typical soldier. He excels the status of a stereotypical soldier, going above and beyond to complete his duties successfully. It's been proven that Heero hasn't had a good childhood at all... having grown up without a solid family, and suffering through rigorous training his whole life. Heero was born and bred to be the picture-perfect soldier, and thus, that's his mindset. Nothing comes before a mission. Nothing. Throughout the series, however, some emotions that we don't typically see out of Herr Stone Soldier seem to leak out, specifically around...
Duo Maxwell. ::dramatic reverb!:: Duo's life hasn't been a piece of cake, either. He grew up orphaned on the streets of L2, involved in a child gang, stealing and plundering to stay alive. The gang's "leader", Solo, became his best friend, and the two were absolutely inseperable... that is, until a deadly plague hit L2, and wiped out half of the population... including all of Duo's gang, and Solo himself. Just after Solo died in his arms, the young boy found his name... Duo. Solo and Duo. He was adopted into a nearby church under a kindly preist and nun (Father Maxwell and Sister Helen of the Maxwell Church), and Duo found himself growing fond of the place and his caretakers. Unfortunately, while Duo was out stealing an MS, the church caught on fire, and burned to the ground. He was there to witness Sister Helen die, and that was presumably when Shinigami was born. He puts up a very clever facade to hide his inner demons, but one person in very particular can see straight through it.
Guess who that person is. Come on, guess.
The two met by chance. Fate, if you will. Duo was on the loading docks, where Heero and Relena happened to be conversing. Relena is not important. We don't want to go into her character... because it's not a good one.
Heero pulled a gun on her, threatening to kill her, and that's when Duo decided to leap on in and play Superman. His own gun was found aimed at Heero, but Relena Pieceofcrap ('HERM, excuse us... Peacecraft) had blocked his aim. Heero, of course, lunged for his weapon (as it was originally shot out of his hand by the braided pilot), thus getting shot, again, in the arm.
Lovely first meeting. "Hi, I'm a Gundam pilot. So are you. ::shoots::"
Over the series, the two interact with each other, becoming teammates in the fight of the war between Earth and the colonies. Lots of cute little hint-ey moments pop up... when Duo busts Heero's strapped-down ass out of a laboratory and helps him off while he's wounded (Heero-mun's favourite scene, actually), and the time when Duo was captured by Oz, thrown into a prison cell, and announced to be executed immediately. Heero, who went there with the sole purpose of killing Duo, instead, busted him out. Eye for an eye. He took him to a hospital and everything. (Heero-mun's other favourite scene, along with Duo-mun's) Little things make so much of a difference, and the relationship between these two soldiers really proves the point.
Duo is the first person (YES, even before Relena) to crawl himself under Heero's otherwise impenetrable skin, and with the way Heero is built, designed, and trained to be, that is not an easy task.
It's all about chemistry.
Heero's cold, aloof personality does, indeed, clash with Duo's vibrance, but in our opinions (and so, so, so many others'), it's a very good kind of clash. They balance one another out perfectly. Heero needs someone who can show him that there's more to him than being a soldier with no emotions or other purpose... someone who can get right up in his face and scream it if need be. He doesn't need someone who should be ruling the world, but instead, is basing her actions off of lust or obsession for him. He needs a pillar, not a wall.
Duo, likewise, needs someone to show him a thing or two about life. He needs someone who can relate to him, both in and out of battle. He needs to have someone to depend on him, someone to need him. Duo strikes us as the type to be like that... someone who yearns to BE the pillar.
They just work so perfectly... like yin and yang. Black and white. In their sense, they are one another, and they are opposites. In their sense, black IS white.
Kuroi wa Shiroi.

Information on the muns and their lovely characters can be found at the links around the picture above.

I love you
I hate you 
I can't live around you 
I breathe you 
I taste you 
I can't live without you



Duo-mun is known about Rhydin (and almost anywhere else) as K. Koumori, or KK. KK is a living, breathing Duo Maxwell, so don't expect there to be any OOC moment. KK is usually very open to any kind of storyline, as long as it doesn't interfere with the Kuroi wa Shiroi storyline and opinions. KK is willing to have Duo play with original characters or other GW characters in AU situations, but don't expect romance to spring up. Duo is taken. End of story. That's that.
I, K. Koumori, am an aspiring artist and author, though I'm very reluctant about my work. Probably a subconscious 'I see the flaws where others don't, so I'm gonna shamelessly bash my stuff'... thing. My works website will be up someday. I don't have a set date for it... but it will include artwork, logged storylines, original literature, fanart, fanfictions, and a link to the allmighty journal in which I endlessly rant.
Heero-mun (Niaki) is my best friend soul mate. Anything offensive that is said about Niaki is a direct stab at me, and though Ni-kun's very good at taking hits, I tend to get very defensive and sometimes my mouth takes off without me. I can be one mean little bastehd. Just ask the folks of the Dark Yaoi Tavern. Oi.


Heero-mun, is not as popular, or known as da K-kun. Which is just fine by me, I'm getting there people. I'm known around by many different names, you know me as Niaki, Ni-kun, Ni-chan, Nia-san. You get the idea. Moving on. I'm not much like a real Heero, however, I can be at times. Everyone has their moments ne? Mine are just very...creepy? Bingo. As K-chan has expressed, I'm very willing to have Heero play with orginal characters, and some other GW people. However. NO RELENA'S. Unless it's a death notice. Thank you kindly. Don't expect romance, there shall be none, Heero is taken. Nothing else to say.
As far as a bit about myself. I'm a writer, who's working up to be a Nurse someday. (weird combo isn't it?) I don't draw much, and don't post my work, (sorry.) However, I'm working hard on some fictions, that eventually, (to people who are are deadly interested) will be posted somewhere.
Now. About MY Duo-mun. K-chan, is my soul-mate. You push da K-san, you push me. Not to mention, my army of minions from the Dark Yaoi Tavern, among other places. You've got a bone to pick about Yaoi? Bone to pick about _our_ opinion? Throw the bone away, don't ever talk to us, and we won't bother you. Got it? Good.

I say a lot of things sometimes that don't come out right
And I act like I don't know why
I guess a reaction is all I was looking for

You looked through me, you really knew me like no one has ever looked before

Baby on your own you take a cautious step
Do you wanna give it up?

But all I want is for you to shine
Shine down on me
Shine on this life that's burning out...

-Kuroi [wa] Shiroi-