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Dislocate your spine
"If you don't sign," he says. "I'll have you seeing double."
Mesmerize you when he's tongue tied
Simply with those eyes
Synchronize your minds and see
The beast within him rise.

Don't look back.
It's a rip off.

Flick of the wrist
And you're dead, baby
Blow him a kiss
And you're mad
Flick of the wrist, he'll eat your heart out
A dig in the ribs, and then a kick in the head
He's taken an arm and taken a leg
All this time, honey
Baby, you've been had.

Intoxicate your brain
With what I'm saying
If not, you'll lie in knee deep trouble.

"Prostitute yourself," he says. "Castrate your human pride. Sacrifice your leisure days, let me squeeze you 'till you've dried."


I remember once... when we were getting ready to go our seperate ways after a final farewell... the sun was setting.

Big surprise. I never really took the time to watch a sunset, though. It made the view that was splayed out for us so... beautiful. It looked like a giant painting of reds and oranges and golds and the majestic blue of the sky. Even I had to stop for a second to just look. I hadn't felt such contentment since the war ended...


...things were never so simple, to him. Everything had a complication, everything had a challenge. He built a wall around himself. A great, indestructable wall of honor, dignity, and justice that kept him secluded from the elements of fear and uncertainty. He was like a stone.

He always reminded me of stone.

In the complicated beauty and serenity of our view, I'm sure all Heero saw was a sky, and a lot of trees. He never really cared enough to see it any other way.

Sometimes I think his thoughts were more profound than he led everyone else to believe. He told me, right to my face, that he found it mildly surprising that something so bright and cheerful in the daytime, could become something very dark, mysterious, and eerie by nightfall.

Then again, some people were the same way. I think it almost reminded him of...

...well... me.

Duo Maxwell.

T h e . C l a u s e

IC - Duo
Every roleplayer has something different about their Duo's style. I, as the mun, didn't change much about him, but I've added my own little twists.
Let me tell you a little about my Shinigami, here.
Duo is not an eccentric dolt. Duo is intelligent, strong, determined, and holds deep honor for what he does. I can't stand it when people automatically assume that Duo is this big, happy, bouncy idiot with no common sense and the power to annoy the hell out of everyone. He's happy, his sarcasm is borderline dangerous, and yes, sometimes he will purposely try to annoy something out of someone. But he also has those inner demons. I'm going to tell you now, that those inner demons may make for some pretty serious moments.
Duo has more to complain about than he leads people to believe. He still has trouble accepting what happened to the Maxwell Church and what happened with the plague. He's prone to rather long inner monologues that allow the one reading about him to better understand him, and where he's coming from. He also thinks about Solo a LOT, and gets most of his influence [outside battle and sometimes in] from his memories of him.
Duo acts on his emotions, a lesson well-learned from Heero Yuy. He can easily get frustrated, defensive, and overall emotional.
Generally, although Duo may be thinking a bit too much on the inside, he is outwardly easygoing, charming, and a joker. However, in the midst of a battle or fight, his personality tends to morph drastically, leaving Duo Maxwell behind and letting the ever-infamous Shinigami in him rise up. These are the times when he can get rather frightening in his deadly accuracy, and his macabre nonchalance with what he's doing, regardless of whether or not it's threatening or taking another's life.
I am willing to RP this Duo in AU storylines with various GW characters (minus Relena, because frankly, I really, really, really, really don't like her. Actually, I'd like her to disappear off the face of the animeverse. I don't want my Duo associated with her. The end.) and original characters... however, I'm not - and never will be - willing to break out of the huge post-Endless Waltz I'm situated in. The Heero I play with and myself are no longer interested in including any more characters in this SL, but anyone who wants to watch quietly is welcome. Quietly being the keyword. No OOC chatting once you enter the chat... there's no need, because we saw you enter. We appreciate the obediance.
I RP two other Duos, though this website revolves around the more serious one. One is in progress, the other is a firey, spicey vampire Duo who loves to pull pranks and is currently in the process of seducing one Dr. Heero Yuy, ER surgeon. Find at Capitalize the 'i', and it makes more sense.

Yaoi. Shounen-ai. O how I love thee.
This Duo is very happily taken. Well, just about. The storyline is slow-paced, serious, overflowing with more drama, angst, and inner torment than you can shake a stick at. However, it's gradually growing to evolve the relationship between Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy.
This storyline revolves around the muns' opinions of what happens two years after Endless Waltz. Heero left after the war, to become a professional hacker and move on, away from the memories of the war and the people who made him feel things beyond what he's used to. Duo, however, has lingered on L2, having moved out of Hilde's care and into his own apartment, wasting his life away as part of the Sweeper group.
Heero comes back to L2 on a mission. It's taken from there.
Duo is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he's fallen in love.
Discover their relationship.
For the NON-yaoi roleplayers, I'm also perfectly content just having a best friend for Duo, especially if it happens to be Heero. I've always seen the two needing one another somehow. Hilde requests are welcome, though I won't consent in a relationship beyond friendship with the two. Duo is taken, and will remain so in or out of my big SL.

Rules & Information for Roleplay

1. I have the tendency to be a goofball, and we all know that Duo does, too. I may include some jokes in my posts, and I'm sorry if that puts you off. Don't think that it means I'm not taking the RP seriously, because I take every storyline I'm involved in seriously. I'm simply just trying to make some of the less serious moments a bit funnier. Duo would do the same, I'm sure.
2. As always, mature RP is a must. That doesn't mean sex or sexual innuendo every five seconds. Also, if there is action [fights and the like], description is absolutely adored. I love a great action scene. I also love angst, drama, and deep, intricate, involved story lines.
3. I'm very tolerant, but there are a few things that bother me. The first, is moding. The second, is openly insulting another roleplayer [should we happen to be in a public chat room] for his or her lack of skill... if the person is just being obnoxious, then block him or her. If the person is really trying, it can and should be tolerated. The third, is intolerance... this goes for people who are racist, prejudice, sexist, homophobic, etc.
4. Being In Character is important, especially when it concerns the characters of Gundam Wing. For example, I doubt Heero would ever do something like... make a snow angel, or take up dancing. You get the point, hopefully.
5. The spellings of the names don't make any difference to me. This is one thing I am almost constantly pestered about. The spellings I use are the ones I've grown used to using. I don't see how they make a difference; it's all the same person.
6. Try Me. I'm open to anything. However, if YOU are the one request/initiate a story line, please try to have a setting/plot/both in mind. I don't mind if you don't, but it's nice if you do. IM RPs are welcome.
7. I'm a serious roleplayer, though I tend to slip those little jokes into my posts [as mentioned]. If you can't take it seriously enough, I'm more than likely going to have a very hard time continuing a story line with you.
8. Have fun! I cannot stress this enough. Roleplay is entertaining, not stressful. I'm long-winded, and tend to spit out posts rapid-fire... but the most important aspect is how much both [or more] muns are enjoying themselves.

The mun is eighteen years old, a mature roleplayer, and bisexual. There have been instances where a roleplay partner of mine realized/found out, in the middle of a story line, that I am bisexual. Apparently, they had problems with a bisexual roleplaying partner, and suddenly became disinterested in continuing. This is a fair warning. Don't make me have to tell you any other time... I've good reason to be defensive about my sexuality.
I am KK. Call me KK. Don't ask for much else.

On that note, feel free to contact me with information, requests, anything you'd like. Please be mature and intelligent. It gets you places.

Death and

[[ Lyrics on picture: "Mephistopheles" by TranSiberian Orchestra. Lyrics on page: "Flick Of The Wrist" by Queen. ]]

[ From the Heero-mun: To all people who are thinking of hitting on, taking, or even courteously dropping some flirts on _my_ Duo. I've got a bullet with your name on it. Understood? ~ Niaki ] - whose amazing Heero can be read about Right Here. By the way. My Heero plays very well, and I am absolutely in love with him. He is my soul mate. If you bother him, you'll be facing me, and you don't wanna face me. I don't mince words. ^_^

...this was just funny. I had to add it.

Me: ::typoing the word 'twists':: "The most noticeable of twits..."
Heero-mun: " Relena. :D"