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Bear with me, guys, I really need to get a few things out in the open with AnimeBoston... and update ya all on stuff. Yanno how it is.

It's coming up muuuch faster than I thought it was going to... and already, we have a HUGE party coming! How much of a change is that? Last year, three of us had to mooch to get in, and suddenly, things are falling right into the palm of our hands.

I'm not sure how I came to be an orchestrator in this sense, but I'm really going to have things be well planned out, precise, and checked a million times over. I want to ensure that nothing will go wrong this year like it did last, and trust me, if you were in my shoes, or Reina's shoes, last year.... you'll agree. Vehemently.

So, yosh! It's April 9th-11th. Be sure to have all three days free if you plan on staying with our group [Kat, you're still joining our group for all three days, right?]. I don't know when it closes the last day, but it's early-ish. Easter Sunday and all.

We'll cover a few things in order. PLEASE READ THIS. Even if you don't want to! It's very important!

Hotel Crap!

We're planning on staying at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers, the same hotel the convention is held in. The hotel itself is $129 a night, and I'm fairly certain we can handle that easily on our own [we, being me and my mom, since we're the ones handling most of the hotel stuff].

HOWEVER. We have a LOT of people coming right now... a [for the time being] grand total of 12 people in one party. Yes, HOLYCRAP.

I know this hotel will more than likely have room limits, and we may have to split into two rooms. Can ANYONE handle paying for an extra hotel room for two nights, $129/night, if it comes to it?

Get back to me. This is what I'm REALLY stressing over right now. Expenses suck all kinds of ass, and I'm going to start working my head off to save up.

Getting there!

Anticipaaaation. Yosh, it's a beautiful thing.

From what I gather, most of us will be getting there by different means of transportation.

I'm leaving VERY early on Friday morning. From my knowledge, at the moment, I will be driving Reina and Kimi up from Salem.

Mike and Sair - get back to me if you still need a ride to Boston.

><;; Can you sense my need to be organized? Do you blame me? You'll thank me later.

I would like it... very much, if I get updated [sometime between now and... oh, say, the week BEFORE we leave?] on how other people are getting there, namely Kat's group and Sair's group. I'd be very happy to offer rides, if I have the car space, but the limits are basically... distance and... er, car space. ::sweatdrop::

Just... get back to me, all right? I can't stress that enough.


Heh. I dunno how it happened, but we seem to have a few group cosplaying things going on. I'm not sure what days these two group thingies will fall on. That can be decided later.

It seems that a good handful of us [Jesus, almost ALL of us] will be gracing the con with Final Fantasy garb. Which rocks! Because everyone [hopefully] loves Final Fantasy.

From the looks of things, we have characters lined up. We have Squall, Rinoa, Seifer [yes, Jeff, you ARE being Seifer], and Zell from FF8, and Jecht, Braska, possibly Auron, and Rikku from FF10.

Kimi - I MUST see you go as Irvine from FF8. You would make a waaaaay too perfect Irvine. *_*

Ideas on that day? You know where to find me now.

The second group day that seems to be happening is a Gravitation-esque day. o_O We officially have a Ryuichi, Tohma, and Hiroshi. Possibly a Mr. K.

See "Ideas" section above.

Keep in mind that you can go as whatever the hell you want for any of the days. You don't have to join a group. I just thought it would be fun. ^_^ It's a convention, not a military ball. There IS NO DRESS CODE! :D

Soooo. Anycrap.

Getting back!

Yeah, pretty much the same as getting THERE. Same situation with rides, too. That was easy and painless now, wasn't it?

If there's anything ANYONE needs to throw in, do it. Right now. I'm not scary and I love ideas, and I want to make this a great, memorable experience. I'm trying very hard.


Wooo! Placing Reina and Kimi aside ['cause theirs are done], I'm starting to charge $2.00 fees for drawings on the back of the AB badges. They will be you, a character, anyone you want in chibified form, doing whatever pose, wearing whatever clothing. You name it, I draw it.

1) I need the money. I normally wouldn't charge, but I'm paying for a LOT of shit that's being put into this convention, and every little bit helps. :/
2) S'fun! And I'd like to think I'm a pretty good artist.
3) People shall like your badges. That's always a good thing.

As always, e-mail me. Fer Chrissakes. I feel like a broken record.

That about covers everything for now. Thanks for putting up with my BLAH BLAH BLAH-ing. This is very stressful on me right now, but the sooner I get it all set in stone and figured out, the less pain I put myself through a month or so away from it, right?

I would appreciate any help offered, be they suggestions on costumes, ride situations, ESPECIALLY financial garbage.

Thanks a bunch! I'm going to start updating the lot of you like this in the course of the next six months, so be prepared for it. I don't mean to be annoying or pester-y, and by all means, if I annoy... delete. It's your choice to be left in the dark.

As I said, you'll all thank me later. ._. Much later, but... later.

Arigatou gozaimasu!! ^_^ I look forward to talking to those of you I haven't met yet.