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A fatal accident had suddenly changed her life, at the age of five Rei's throat was slit, just harming the vocal cords, and making her mute.She had been born to the Unseelie Court, her aunt the Queen Nesse (Queen of Air and Darkness), her mother had moved to the Seelie court, leaving her to stay with her aunt, and her cousin Vania.At the Unseeli Court things were ran abit different then what she thought, her aunt always scheming up new torture ideas for her Gaurds, Vania always out with the court boys, having her fun time.And Rei hardly seeing her parents, she soon got accustumed to how things were ran, until her aunt Nesse died, leaving Vania to rule the UnSeelie Court, outsiders would call it Vethra.

Of course, Rei got her spot in the clan as Queen's Personal Advisor, though it didn't suite her, she would take the place anyhow.Now, with the arranged marriages going on in their family, Rei is to marry some man she doesn't even know.But, will soon known when the time comes for her to get married..

@~;~~ Touching you makes me feel alive, touching you makes me die inside ~~;~@