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Status On Heaven Frost:

Full Name: Heaven LeAnn Frost
Age: 23
Eye Color: Bluish-Green, Changing With Her Mood.
Hair Color: Dark Cherry With Burgundy Streaks.
Race: Vampire.
Class: Assassin.
Weapons: Two Large Blades At Her Side.
Marital Status: Single.
Magic Abbilites: Healing, Raising The Dead, Nothing Specific.

BackGround For Heaven Frost:

Well, i'd like to start with an introduction, my name is Heaven LeAnn Frost, Founder of the Frost Family, first daughter of Marcus and Adrinna Frost, oldest sister to Grim, Evil and Rock-o also known as Nickie, Lizzy and Kidas, and mother of my little Satan, who we all like to call Lucia.Oh, don't get me wrong, I have plenty of kids, just Lucia would be considered Satan amoung anyone who lived with her..But, I still love her to death! =^.^=

Anyway, how about we start this story off! At the age of five, my parents had shipped their children off to their brothers and sisters, who apparently were spread out across the whole world, maybe some not even in the universe, but who knows? And I, myself was sent to live with my aunt Unise in a small town in France, that's where I get my accent from.My parents shipped me off, not for the same reasons as my brothers and sisters, they shipped them off to protect them from the war going on at the time, they sent me away to protect themselves.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my parents, untill they shipped me off.You see, I had this problem of screaming and yelling whenever I was angry, I would start to dismember my dolls, and all sorts of things.Once I even pulled out a knife on my mother and threated to kill her, but father took it away and that's when they decided to send me off to my Aunt's.And that's when the problem's grew worse, I started to drift away from everyone, still dimembering anything I could get my hands on, small kittens, chickens, or even sometimes dogs.

As I turned 10, my problem seemed to go away, but then I "accidently" shoved a knife deep into my cousin's throat, killing him instantly, because he wouldn't let me play with my dolls the way I wanted.That's when my Aunt decided she had had enough of me, and finally sent me off to the Waverly Manor, a mental asylum, getting the help I needed.You know, when you're stuck in a mental asylum for six years without anyone to talk to, or no family coming to vist, it's very bad for a childs mind.

I got out a few days after my 16 birthday, no big suprise no one came to see me, the first place I headed to was my parents old home, and of course, they lived in the same exact house, with the white picket fench on MedowWood drive.Well, to lessen the details of the story, after I was .."done"..With my parents, I strolled out of the house with a wide smile on my face and blood covering my hands and shirt.

My aunt, sad to say was already dead before I had time to get to her, such a pity.It would have helped my creative skills, too! But anyway, after that, trouble seemed to follow me, and it still does.After I finshed with my deed dealing with my parents, I set off to travel, soon catching up to a man also known as Belmonte..He was a type of vampire-slayer, and I soon got intrested in that field of work.

Belmonte and I hit it off on the stop, or so I felt like we did, untill one day, all of that changed.I'd rather not get into the details of it, maybe another time.Well, after that incident, I was left being what I am now, a vampire, also known to some as "Blood-Suckers".Anyway, i'm going to skip ahead now, leaving out the rest of my story out, untill a few years ago, I met this man, known as Final Fury, and married him quickly.I was deeply in love with him, but..Love never lasts in my case.

Well, in the middle of all of this commotion, I met a man named Decimus, he became my body-gaurd and well..I'm just going to leave that subject alone. Me and Final broke up, after starting a big family and having lots of kids.Then, I decided to get my sorry ass into trouble while I was with a man named Moon`, who I got married to, and I loved him, having one child by him, which is my youngest son Daemon.

Well, for now..This is my story untill I have more to say, tata.