D.W.F Power 16

DWF.Com in conjunction with The Worldwide Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sports Entertainment, ranks the Top 16 Superstars in wrestling each week with POWER 16. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring and industry dominance, as well as intangibles such as impact and making one's presence known and felt in the wrestling world.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for the latest POWER 16. Here are the rankings for May 18th, 2007:

1.Jack Breaker -
Starting off where he left off, Jack E. Breaker, correction Undisputed Champion Jack E. Breaker has claimed the highest title in the business and the highest spot in the rankings. A man of serious star power and the arrogance to go with it, Jack E. has requested air time at Aggression which has many on the inside speculating on if this will be his "Inaugural Address" or his chance to put certain individuals on notice. Whatever the reason, the often private superstar has, you can be sure there will be one hell of a backlash to this address.

2 Kalysto-
The P16 is proud to congratulate Queen of the Ring and new tag team champion, Kalysto. The Bad girl has been scoring gold since her debut and now has solidfied her standings in the wrestling industry by earning herself the distinctive title of Kotr. Kalysto comes in at the #2 spot on the Power 16 but chances are, she won't stop here and will knock the king of the mountain off when she decides it's time.

3 Damien Death
Extreme champion, legend and Hardcore heavyweight. Damien Death has held control of the Dwf Hardcore championship with an iron fist, defending against all challengers and issuing even more to anyone a taste for his brand of brutality. With a 24/7 rule in effect you know that the leader of the Syndicate and current thorn in Jack E.'s side, has been and will be watching his back round the clock. Not an easy feat for the "Vampire King" Damien who is in hot pursuit of the big title himself and has entered the Mitb to bring Jack E. to him. When asked about his bid for the Undisputed gold, Damien was quoted as saying "I am a Wrestling God and words cannot express how great I am"

4. The Emerald Flame-
The Emerald Flame comes in at #4 for his edgy and dominating style in the ring. You'll find this extreme superstar standing tall in any clash of the titans. Having just finished an Impressive reign as the Undisputed champion of the world, the Flame has set his sights on the Hardcore champion, Damien Death and the current Undisputed Champion, Jack Breaker. The Celtic Warrior may seem to have his work cut out for him but it was the Celtic Warrior that defeated and quite possibly retired the man he beat for the title, King Gojinn.

5. Viper-
Doing it any way she pleases, the world's most controversial femme fatale has not only retained her Intercontinental title against returning superstar and hated adversary, Mathew "The Limit" Williams, she's cemented her reputation in receiving and delivering the most sadistic assault possible then demanding even more. Demand and you shall get, the Limit has challenged Viper to yet another brutal match after she defied him and defied all natural laws by refusing to stay down. So for keeping with her motto of 'do unto others until they stop moving' she accepted and landed in the #5 spot.

6. Undead Enigma-
Making an impact and his name feared throughout the world once more. This unpredictable and volatile superstar has just lit the fuse on what could possibly engulf the world in another reign of terror and gold. UE has arisen like a demonic phoenix and he will literally scorch the competition into ash if given a chance. He has already set the wrestling world on fire with a mere appearance and now that's he's reentered the ring, he's ready for battle and ready to wage all out war, but are his opponents ready for him? Be afraid, be very afraid

7.Kane 2K-
Multi champion, Kane 2K has made his debut and left his mark on the Darkside Wrestling Federation and in the P16, coming in at an impressive 7th spot..Racking up challenges and dishing out the punishment wherever his path to the top leads him. Kane 2K is a genuine threat to any and all that stand in his way to getting what he wants. Now he's thrown his hat in for the tag team titles that the Boom now hold with a mystery partner. Should Kane 2K and his partner deliver the upset of upsets to the Boom, it will only catapult this superstar to even greater heights in the shortest time imaginable.

8."Stonecold" Marco Ramirez-
Not one to back down from a fight, Ramirez has found himself the target of Undead Enigma and a mysterious benefactor that would like to see Ramirez, "stone cold" and 6 feet under but it's also found the self proclaimed Prince of New York in the eighth spot. For Ramirez, street life may have made him tough and taught him to survive but will it be enough against the threat that is Enigma?

9 "The Limit" Mathew Williams-
The Unbreakable Mathew Williams has once again ascended in the wrestling world and having ascended over 40 feet in his brilliant redebut in the dreaded and lethal Steel City match, it has secured him a place in the top 10 of the P16 and placed him right in IC champion's crosshairs. Will the Welsh Wonder execute another huge upset or will the tables suddenly turn once more?

10.Rick Astin-
The Controversial Rick Astin has drawn first blood in the run for the MITB but will it cost him on the battleground where allies may be your best defense? Possibly but he's not worried. The Aggression champion has shown no sign of slowing down or doing what he has to do to secure his position as one of the top superstars in the business and in the Power 16, never letting himself drop out of the top 10

The Wyld-One has made yet another impact in not only becoming one half of the tag team champions, he made a statement by not only attacking the Vice President himself but also his own tag team partner, Kalysto. While the world asks "Why Wyld, why?" The Wyld-One continues to make everyone wait on his answer. In the meantime, he's been ordered to honor his championship reign with his partner at his partner's request. Will this add more fuel to the fire or will it cause the Boom to combust?

12Mr. Van Halen- .
New to the P16 and the Dwf, Mr. Van Halen has been rocking the ring and creating a stir outside of the ring with his allegiance to the self proclaimed Goddess, Fury and her accomplice, Shadow. Whatever Mr. Van Halen's motives are, they have landed him on the edge of the Rankings top 10 list and quie possibly on several superstar's hitlist.

13.Guy Fierce-
Undaunted and driven by an agenda all his own. Mr. Fierce has shown a side of him that many in the professional world of wrestling have found both scandalous and controversial befitting the vice president of the most powerful promotion in the sport. Involving himself with office politics may become a tricky affair for the VP and campaigning against the Queen of the Ring, Kalysto could land the charismatic vice president in the proverbial doghouse.

14..Devilz Child-
Hell's Princess is truly one of the Devil's own in the squared circle. Entering the fray and the P16, DC is a superstar with genuine main-event status and has recently been showning herself to be as fearless and hungry for the challenge as ever. But with former adversary Undead Enigma also near, will all Hell be let loose should they both meet on a different battlefield?

15 James Dean-
The "Future of Wrestling" made his big return to the ring in a triple threat bid for the Hardcore championship that Damien Death wears around his waist against the champ himself and devasting tower of power, Kane 2K. Will James Dean prove to be the Future of Wrestling or will he prove to be the ender of Damien's Hardcore reign?

16.Donovan Bloodwraith-
Intriguing and at the center of what could be seen as a conspirator against Marco Ramirez with having allied himself with Undead Enigma. Can this new face bring down the self proclaimed Vampire prince and topple him from his position on the P16?