How to Join

What is Darker Realms and DWF?

The DWF is Darkside Wrestling Federation. An E-federation that is 100% free with a fantasy/Role playing twist. This game and efed, has both mortal and immortal char. interaction.

All valid complaints and/or problems that the players may have will be brought to all the official's attention to discuss and seek a solution for. The Officials of DWF are always ready to help and welcome any feed back on any issue. While we can't promise to fix every problem, we can promise you 100% effort to make the Dwf enjoyable for everyone..

1. You will need to create a bio for your char(s) with a moves set if you intend on having your char also participate in matches and to post it on the Bios board. This is so other players will know how to treat your character(s)

Submit Bios here

2. You will need to create a Network 54 login for two reasons, one, to participate in player votings. IE, match or championship title winners, awards shows etc.

And two, in case the game becomes by Log in only, that way you won't have any interruption in role playing.

To create a Network 54 account, please go here
Create Log-In Here

3. A valid email is required so the officials and/or players may contact you.

4.Darker Realms and Darkside Wresting Federation reserves the right to turn down applications.

Note: Players found causing trouble, drama or harrassing other players for any reason will be subject to being warned, having their posting privileges being removed and immediate banning. The bottom line is that ALLplayers must adhere to the Terms of conduct and the Rules.

Please read both before applying. Thank you -Darker Realms and Darkside Wrestling Federation-