Q: do you model?
A: yes, i have got numerous of offers but i have turned a lot done because most of them are soft porn (posing in nude) though the $$$ is good but i need to keep the respect for myself, my man, my father, and my friends.

Q: what color are your eyes?
A: blue ; hazel ; brown ; a little bit of marigold

Q: where do you go to school?
A: gallaudet university in washington D.C.

Q: are you deaf? how did you turn deaf?
A: yes, i am. deafness run in my family. i have a large number of deaf members in the fam.

Q: can you hear at all?
A: the fact that i have severe hearing loss ; yes i can hear.

Q: how tall are you?
A: i'm 5'1'' it's so much fun being short + sexy.

Q: heterosexual or homosexual?
A: i am strickly dickly yet i don't discriminate.

Q: can i take you out?
A: im happily taken and unfortunately, nowadays, no male would want to be a friend - always something more.

Q: who's the lucky man?
A: ♥ antwan ♥ he is the love of my life