. in the arms of an angel .
God sent you here because He heard my cry,
and here I am in the arms of an angel.
Every day I questioned Him,
"Do you listen to my shivering voice asking you
to keep me safe and warm while we are battling
through the craziness of the storm?
While I quiver,
would you be my shelte to keep me away from harm? Frequently, I ask Him,
"Are you near if the rain should fall?
Am I to believe that you will rise
to calm the deplorable storm?"
I heard you whisper this once in my sleep,
that your desire was to lavish me with love.
You called me in my dreams and told me that your thoughts of me
are countless like the grains of sand on a beach.
When I hear music, it's Him speaking to my heart.
When I'm lost in love, He carries the high-beam lights
to help me through the darkest hours.
He's my guardian of hope and wonder,
the keeper of magic and dreams.

. between these lines .
I'm sitting here
Reading what I'm writing
Between these lines
Something's unclear
Trying so hard to visualize
Of how I want the concept to be

Writing about love
Surely would get your mind
Thinking about times you cherished
And moments where you refrained
To remember

Somewhere between these lines
There's a deeper meaning I ought to decipher
The words I sought to write hasn't found
Its right term to compile
But just before I end this, all will come together
To establish a beautiful poetry

Somewhere between these lines

. misguided angel .
I wasn't too keen about striving alone
Until then I met this angel, I call him
His smile would tempt you
To kiss the lips of immorality
He had the charm of the angel Gabriel
But deep down, he's the thunder of April

He brings out the mischievous side of me
We'd eat the forbidden fruit while caressing one another
Through the session of love making
He has achieved misguiding me to love him
Never would he settle for a tender stroke
A gristly one needless turns him on
Instead of calling out my name
He cries out Lucifer's

I have done commit a sin
Falling in love for a Misguided Angel

. the man i need .
I need a man who's bold and courageous
Willing to make sacrifices whenever needed
A man that can make love with my mind
And bring satisfaction in every way
I need a man who is not afraid of commitment
And who will never make a promise he cannot keep
Someone I can invest my entire trust in
I need a man that can hold on his own
And is capable of accepting responsibilities
I need a man who will be faithful and true
When he finally says, "I Love You,"
And vows to present unconditional love
I need a man to strengthen my intelligence
And awareness on Life and Love
I need a man who will patiently help
Chase my fears away and nurture me with love
I need a man to fall in love with what he sees
In the windows of my soul
I need a man to faithfully hold my hand
Until the end of the time

. yours, erotic mistress .
I found a letter under the bed
It was sealed with fine wine lipstick
She left her lips imprinted on the back
"I remember the times I cried out your name
When you were tonguing in between my legs
First, I'd nudge you deeper than your usual fame
Then my whole body would shiver and quiver."
I could not believe what I was reading
My dearly beloved had a mistress
"After long hours of moaning
I call for you to creep up my sweet mountains
As you glided your tongue through
As guided our lips met
The smell of my pleasurable juices
Was all over from the tip of your nose
To your neck - that erotic smell of our passion."
With disbelief and heartache
I continue to read
"Yours, Erotic Mistress."